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OCM1 final patterns

OCM1 infantile malnutrition-toothache

T: greasy P: slippery thin emaciation, sparse hari, dry scaly skin, abd dist, teeth grinding during sleep, sallow complexion, dry mouth, vomiting, rice water urine (cloudy) crying w/ irritability, pale finger vein Food Stag: Infantile Malnutrition
T: pale, scalloped, White, greasy P: soft sallow complexion, fatigue, diarrhea w/ UFP, abd dist, outstanding blue veins, sleep w/ eyes open, loss of weight, reduced/lost sleep, pale/purple finger vein Sp Qi (-): Infantile Malnutrtition
T:: pale, scalloped, TWC P: thin, weak emaciation, extreme thinness, freq crying, fatigue, low voice, dizziness, thrist, yellow hair, dry skin, dry mouth, reduced app, diarrhea, very pale finger vein Qi/Bl (-): Infantile Malnutrtition:
T: red, yellow-sticky P: slippery abdom px/dist, cry before diarrhea, stopy crying after, foul smelling, poor appetite, vomiting undigested food, freq belching, restless sleep Food stag :Infantile Diarrhea
T: Pale, twc, moist P: floating, tight diarrhea w/ watery mucus (pale yellow), stuffy/runny nose, cough, chills/fever, av to cold, borborygmus, vomit, abdom dist/px WC :Infantile Diarrhea
T: Red, yellow greasy P: slippery, rapid yellow/green foul smelling bm w/ mucus, burning/red anus, scanty yellow urine, fever, thirst, diarrhea comes out in small amt, purple finger vein DH :Infantile Diarrhea
T: pale, sclaloped, TWC, P: thin, minute chronic diarrhea, pale color liquid stool w/ UFP, no foul smell, sleep w/ eyes open, pale sallow complexion, poor app, emaciation, fatigue Sp Qi (-) :Infantile Diarrhea
T: pale, twc, P: thin, minute cold body/limbs, chronic watery diarrhea w/ UFP, sleep w/ eyes open, fatigue, pale face, bm immed. after meal, cold extremeties, prolapsed anus, Sp/K yang (-) :Infantile Diarrhea
T: twc, P: floating, tight pale rash w/ itch, av to wind/cold, increase after expose to wind/cold WC :urticaria
T: thin, yellow P: floating rapid red patchy rash w/ sever itch over whole body, hot sensation at affected area, more in summer, av to wind, sore throat, irritability, thirst increase after exposure to wind/heat WH :urticaria
T: red, greasy, yellow P: slippery rapid Red patchy rash w/ ep/abd px, swollen red skin, n/v, poor appetite, constipation, diarrhea DH in St/Li :urticaria
T: sticky ,white w/ red spots P: slippery low appetite, always crying, irreg diet, vomit parasite, pale rash, most often in children, very itchy skin/anus, big abdom, thin, body, white around face, grinidng teeth, dar color sclera, parasites :urticaria
T: pale, scnaty coat P: thin, weak, deep chronic intermittent rash w/ itch, fatigue, dizzines, dry skin, worse w/ stress/overwork/exertion,/after strain Bl (-) :urticaria
T: red, thin, yellow P: wiry rapid burning/stabbing/electric px like a snake, sl fever, low appetite, poor sleep, small bead like rash, fatigue, weight loss w/ continued dev, small vesicles size of soy beans, quickly dev into blisters acute :Herpes Zoster
T: dark purple, yellow, greasy P: slippery wiry rapid bitter taste, scanty urine, constipation, fatigue, poor sleep w/ many dreams, h/a, burning px DH/middle stage :Herpes Zoster
T: purple, dark, dry P: wiry, thin Dull px, numbness, tingling, dark complexion, poor sleep, many dreams chronic :Herpes Zoster
T: pale, twc P: floating tight nasal congestion,stuffy runny nose, clear mucus, reduction of sense of smell, chill and fever, no sweat, av to cold, frontal h/a, whole body ache, itching eyes/nose WC in Lu: sinusitis
T: red, thin, yellow P: floating, rapid sticky yellow/green mucus, congesion, inflamed + swollen mucus membranes, loss of sense of smell, nasal voice, thrist, av to wind, fontal H/A, cough w/ yellow sputum, maybe fever WH in LU: sinusitis
T red, greasy yellow P: slippery, soft, rapid cont. yellow/green discharge/sev nasal congesion,inflamed + swollen mucous membranes, decrease/loss of smell, vertigo,dizziness, heavy wooly H/A, fatigue, poor app, abd dist, loose stols yellow urine Sp/St DH: sinusitis
T: pale thin white, P: soft weak chrinic nasal/sinus congesion, wite/sticky mucus, runny nose, pale/swollen mucus membranes, SOB, worse w/ cold weather, fatigue, spont sweat, easily feel cold, cough w/ thin white sputum Wei/Lu Qi (-): sinusitis
T:pale thin white P: thin, soft, weak chronic sticky nasal discharge/congesion, white sticky mucus, pale/swollen mucus membranes, reduce sense of smell, dizzy, digestion problems, fatigue, poor appetite, abd dist, heavy/tired limbs, pale sallow complxn Sp Qi (-): sinusitis
T: thin, yellow coat P: wiry/ tight moving abdom px 1st around umbilicus the St 25 after 2-3 hrs, lev px, worse w/ pressure, local tenderness, muscle spasm, belching, nausea/vomit,loss of app, chills/mild fever, constipation, thrist Qi/Bl stag : intestinal abscess
T: red, greasy yellow dry P: wiry slippery rapid sev and increasing px/tendernes fixed on right, fetal position, high fever/chills, sweating, thirst, fullness/dist of chest/abdom, nausea/vomit, constipation flourishing heat : intestinal abscess
T: deep red, dry yellow P: flooding rapid sev localized px, very hard, abd dist, rigidity, guarding, cannot be touched, constipation, concentrated urine, h/a, high fever,red face/yes, dry mouth/throat/lips, thirst toxic heat : intestinal abscess
T white greasy P: slow soft lower abdom soft mass, local dull lower abdom px better w/ warmth, pressure, no chills/fever chronic DC : intestinal abscess
T: dark purple P: Choppy/wiry scar tissue, low abdom mass, worse w/ palpation, shar/dull fixed px Bl stasis/scar tissue : intestinal abscess
T: pale moist twc P: deep wiry slow testicular coldness + dist, low abd coldnes/px which radiates through the testicles, better w/ warmth, heavy sensation, cold/numb extremeties cold obstruction in LV: Hernia
T: white greasy P: slippery wiry swollen scrotum, well defined fluid filled swelling which may/may not be px, dragging discomfort in testes, watery splash when the low abdom is palpated, scanty urination Shui/watery: Hernia
T:w/ red edges TWC P: wiry swollen distended scrotum, bi/unilateral, w/ dist/px radiating from low abdom/lumbar, worse w/ anger/stress/emotional upset, depression, irritability, sighing, h/a, menstrual problems Qi/LQS: Hernia
T: not specific P: wiry/tight intermittent hernia, various sizes, size changes easily, may be large or small, cough/sneeze make it large/px, disappearing when patient lies flat, no relation w/ emotinoal problem foxy/intermittent: Hernia
T: pruple twc P: deep choppy scrotum/testicles are swollen/hard w/ loss of testicular sensation, heavy sensation, dull x/fixed px Ph/Bl stag: Hernia
T: enlarged, pale, scalloped P: thin, wiry scrotum is swollen, dropped or dist, mild px, discomfort or dragging sensation, aggravated by fatigue, overwork, longhours standing/coughing, abd dist, poor ap, loose stool, fatigue, freq urination, Qi (-): Hernia
T: twc P: slippery wiry diffuse swelling in neck, soft gradually increasing in size w/ normal color, absence of px, unclear margins in some cases big/drooping, hoarseness of voice, mental depression/irritability, oppresison in chest, hypo dist, insomnia Qi: Goiter
T: white coat P: slippery rapid more freq in women, <40 yrs, few movable lumps below adams apple, smooth surface, no px, exophthalmos, hot temper, irritability, tremmor of hands, sweating, stuffy chest, palps, irreg menses Fleshy/qi stag w/ phl: Goiter
T: dark purple P: choppy many years hard mass, suddenly enlarges, very hard px, swollen, cannot move, vein net around mass, hoarse voice, dificult swalowing, hard lumps Stone: Goiter
T: thin yellow P: floating rapid tinnitus w/ fullnes + distention, itchy year, chills/fever, av to wind, h/a, thirst WH: Tinnitus
T: red, yellow coat P: wiry rapid high pitched tinnitus w/ sudden onset, sharp ear px, yellow discharge, h/a: temporal/migraine, red eyes/face, dry mouth, bitter taste, fever, hypo px, irritability, insomnia, restlessness, constipation LV Fire: Tinnitus
T: red, yellow greasy P: wiry slippery rapid tinnitus/hearing loss w/ plugged year, feeling blocked/pressure, heavy head, poor appetite, loose stool, nausea, bitter taste, chest fullness, cough w/ yellow mucus Phl Fire: Tinnitus
T: pale twc P: thin weak chronic tinnitus worse w/ fatigue, wet/empty/cold sensation in ear fatigue, weakness, poor appetite, loose stool, pale complexion,/lips,post prandial abd dist SP Qi (-): Tinnitus
T: Red, little/no coat P: thin rapid chronic tinnitus, worse at night, insomnia, decreased hearing, poor memory, dizziness, low back ore and weak, seminal emission, clear copious vag disch K Jing (-): Tinnitus
T: red dry thin yellow coat P: floating rapid red/swollen gums/toothache relieved by cold /aggravated by heat, fever, thirst, av to wind WH: toothache
T: red, dry, sticky yellow coat P: slippery rapid flooding Very red/px/swollen gums sometimes w/ pus/bl, px may radiate to cheeck/jaw, thirst, constipation, sev toothache, foul breath, frontal h/a, dry mouth ST Fire: toothache
T: red no coat P: thin rapid dull px w/ loose teeth, intermitten tinnitus, insomnia, poor memory, night sweats, 5 palm heat,low back soreness, restlessness at night, difficult/weak chewing K Yin (-) w/ fire: toothache
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