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CS exam 1

computer science exam 1

Computer literate able to use a computer withut fear. Understanding the capabilities and limitations and being able to adapt to new technologies as they emerge. Understnading their legal, social and ethical implications
Bluetooth local wireless technolog connecting devices to computerized devices.. transmits scanned data through radio waves to a terminal.. then send data across wireless network where its recorded in the database
RFID tags Radio frequency ID tags.. Placed on items for ID and tracking
Public domain software and data thats not under copyright
Embedded human chips Includes Verichip and the Uchip
Verichip implanted in a person to be able to identify a persons identity
uchip can be used to monitor food chains.. mixed into paints to monitor temperature and moisture. and could be put into paper and plastics
nanotechnology Use of nanostructures to build devices..
Created by: kolby19