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CST Exam Questions

Practice exam questions

1)To revascularize the heart muscle of a patient with heart disease, a graft may be anastomosed between which of the following two vessels? The internal mammary artery is the preferred vascular conduit to revascularize the myocardium.
2)Which of the following procedures treats a congenital obstructed lesion found at the distal end of an infant's stomach? Infantile pyloric stenosis is relieved by removing the congenital obstructive lesion in the pylorus of the stomach. This procedure is called pyloromyotomy.
3)Which of the following is the definition of instrument sterilization? Sterilization is the destruction of all microorganisms.
4)A preference card indicates a surgeon prefers a large paper gown and size 7.5 gloves and the surgeon's assistant prefers an XL cloth gown and size 8 gloves. The assistant usually scrubs in first. In which order should the surgical attire (PPE) be stack The assistant's PPE should be placed at the top of the stack since the assistant scrubs in first. Additionally, the towel should be on top of the gown, with the gloves beneath the gown.
5)Aerobic organisms are BEST characterized as Aerobic organisms require an oxygen-rich environment to survive.
6)Which of the following is applied as a nonadherent dressing? Adaptic is a nonadherent dressing placed directly on the wound.
7)Which of the following should be visualized on an x-ray to determine if a long bone is still growing? The epiphyseal plate, also known as the growth plate, is the center for ossification at each extremity of a long bone.
8)Which of the following should be removed LAST by the surgical technologist in the scrub role in order to prevent contamination at the end of a surgical procedure? The surgical mask should not be touched by soiled gloves, and in many areas must remain on until the room is exited.
9)A circlage procedure is performed for which of the following conditions? . A circlage procedure is performed to prevent spontaneous abortion and preterm delivery by placing a purse-string suture around the cervix
10)Which of the following should be the MINIMUM exposure time in a flash sterilizer for unwrapped instruments? Three minutes is the LEAST amount of time needed for proper flash sterilization
11)A patient's dentures are removed in the operating room. Which of the following is the proper procedure for the care of the dentures? Using this method, the dentures will be returned to the correct patient because they will be sent to the PACU.
12) A tourniquet is used in which of the following procedures? . A patellectomy is an excision of the kneecap. A tourniquet is frequently used on surgeries of the extremities to provide a bloodless operative field.
13) Which of the following is the correct order, from the outermost to the innermost layer, of the tissues that compose the wall of the stomach and small intestine? The outermost layer of the wall of the stomach and small intestine is the serosa, followed by the muscularis, submucosa, and the mucosa.
14) In a steam autoclave set on pre-vacuum, the minimum temperature that must be reached is This temperature combined with the pressure in an autoclave is required to destroy microbial life
15) The surgical technologist in the scrub role should remain sterile following which of the following surgical procedures? . It is necessary for the surgical technologist in the scrub role to remain sterile after vascular procedures as there is a chance of bleeding complications and the need for immediate re-entrance of the surgical wound in order to control blood flow.
16) Which of the following is the opening in the occipital bone through which the spinal cord passes? The foramen magnum is a large opening at the base of the skull for passage of the spinal cord.
17) Which of the following anticoagulants should be given during a vascular procedure to prevent normal blood clotting? Heparin sodium is a parenteral anticoagulant that inhibits factor X, interferes with the conversion of prothrombins to thrombin, and prevents conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin.
18) At which abdominal layer is the first closing count performed? The peritoneum is a membrane that covers all the abdominal organs. It would be easy for the surgeon to leave a countable item if the first closing count was not correctly performed at this time. Note: The first closing count may occur upon closure of a bo
20) During an anterior cervical fusion, a bone graft is taken in order to fuse the vertebral The vertebral body is fused to ease pain from a herniated disk
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