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Pledge Final

Pi Kappa Phi Kappa Class

First Founding Father Andrew Alexander Kroeg Jr.//Alpha
Second Founding Father Simon Fogarty Jr.//Alpha
Third Founding Father Lawrence Harry Mixson//Alpha
Fourth Founding Father A Pelzer Wagener//Alpha
Fifth Founding Father Thomas F. Mosimann//Alpha
Sixth Founding Father Theodore "Teddy" Barnwell Kelly//Alpha
Seventh Founding Father James Fogarty //Alpha
1 Lyle Dohl
2 Jake Albers
3 Jonathan Ng
4 Josh Kropf
5 Jeremy Brooks
6 David Pitler
7 Jared Leonard
8 Jared Thurston
9 Wes O'Neil
10 Sean Brooks
11 Jay Brunner
12 Ryan Hanke
13 Jackson Holden
14 Corey Ingram
15 Mike Kalina
16 Jared Maroon
17 David Meall
18 Mike Norris
19 Nate Roberts
20 Tad Schurtz
Union Triad Union College. Schenectady, NY. 3 Frats- Delta Phi, Sigma Phi, Kappa Alpha Society. All created by 1827."Mother of All Fraternities."
Miami Triad After the snow rebellion. Three fraternities- Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Chi. Around 1847. Miami University (OH) Oxford, Ohio.
Flat Hat Club 1776. William & Mary. Williamsburg, VA. Met at Raleigh Tavern around bowl of punch. Precursor to modern day fraternity. Founded by Thomas Jefferson.
John Heath Denied access to F.H.C. He and 4 others created first modern day fraternity. Phi Beta Kappa-December 5, 1776.
Ultimate Respect Ability to talk w/ a brother about ANYTHING setting personal feeling aside for a productive and damage free convo. Drinking problem, debate in chapter. No grudges afterwards.
6 Characteristics Motto, Secret Grip, Greek Letters, Ritual of Initiation, Constitution of Fraternal Laws, Membership Badge.
Pi Kappa Phi Mission "We Will Lead."
CLASS Character, Leadership, Academics, Sportsmanship, Service. Know a short summary for each.
Snow Rebellion 1847, Miami of Ohio. Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Delta Phi moved snow in front of admin building to show distaste of administration. Closed 2 days. Showed strength and capability of inter-fraternal initiative.
Theta Xi Only fraternity created during Civil War. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. Theta Xi was the first “professional fraternity” but later became open to all courses of study.
Women's Fraternities Early 1850's. Macon, GA. Georgia Wesleyan Female College. ADPi and Phi Mu were formed..
First Recognized Women's Greek Letter Fraternity.. Kappa Alpha Theta. Formed in 1870 at DePaw University. Greencastle, Indiana..
First SORORITY Gamma Phi Beta in 1874 at Syracuse University in New York.
First Fraternity House Chi Psi 1854, University of Michigan. Before this, fraternities usually met in rooms they rented out.
First Three Founders Kroeg Jr, Fogarty Jr, Mixson. College of Charleston. Charleston, SC. Started Pi Kapp to gain equality with 3 other fraternities for positions in Literacy Society. Lost, but made a statement. Formed Nu Phi.
Nu Phi After several meetings at Mixson's home, they created Nu Phi. Group grew to 15 members of a 71 student school (21%). Handprint on chalkboard as secret symbol, place and time of meetings. Means Non-Fraternity.
Founding Pi Kappa Phi Nu Phi's held meetings at Fogarty's home. 90 Broad Street Charleston, SC. Pi Kappa Phi was founded on December 10, 1904. 7 members present- Kroeg Jr, Fogarty Jr, Mixson, Wagener, Mosimann, Kelly, Fogarty.
Who suggested greek letters for Pi Kappa Phi? A. Pelzer Wagener..
Who took the VERY FIRST minutes? What color ink? Lawrence Harry Mixson. Dark Green Ink (forever placing significance of green ink for PKP)
Who was the FIRST Archon? What does Archon mean?? Andrew Alexandre Kroeg Jr. "Chief Magistrate".
First 4 Chapters Alpha- C of Charleston- December 10, 1904. Beta- Presbyterian- March 16, 1907 Gamma- Cal Berkley- January 11, 1909 Delta- Furman- March 19, 1909.
Motto First Motto- Latin"Nil Separ Abit" (Nothing Shall Separate Us) CURRENT MOTTO- "Nothing Shall Ever Tear Us Asunder"
First Initiate? Henry Patrick Wagener- March 24, 1906. Brother of A. Pelzer Wagener. Created "Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Journal" in 1909. Renamed to "The Star and Lamp" in 1911.
PUSH Mission "Building leaders of tomorrow by serving people with disabilities today.".
Core Values "IEAT" Integrity, Empathy, Abilities, Teamwork.
Three Areas of Focus (National Fraternity) 1. Disability Awareness 2. Volunteerism 3. Fundraising
PUSH America PKP's OWN philanthropic organization. Created and ran by PKP, rather than operating through an independent organization. -Thomas Sayre, 1977 (UNC Kappa).
No Boundaries Week Once a year, Pi Kapps set aside a week to show their community and university what they’re doing for people with disabilities. 2 messages: there is no limit to what Pi Kapps can do and there are no limits to what people with disabilities can do.
Push Academy Weekend for each chapter’s push chair to learn more about Push America and what he can do to become a better push chair.
GAP Weekend (Give A Push) Held once during the fall and spring semester, Give a Push weekend is a weekend full of hard work to build accessible environments for people with disabilities..
Push Camp Members spend spring break renovating camps and building accessible environments.
Build America 20 members spend 45 days over the summer traveling the country building accessible environments and building lasting friendships with campers they meet.
Gear Up Florida Started in 1997, Gear Up Florida is an 800-mile, Push America cycling event that takes 35 Pi Kappa Phis cycling from Miami to Tallahassee in just two weeks. Gear Up Florida raises over $70,000 annually with each team member raising at least $2,000.
Journey of Hope Started by Bruce Rogers (Chi, Stetson) in 1988. 12,000 mile combined cycling event that takes 82 Pi Kappa Phis cycling on three different routes from San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA to Washington D.C. Raises $500,000+ .Pi Alpha Distinction.
Pi Alpha Distinction Scott Rosell, Tom French, Jake Albers, David and Brett Buchannan.
Vice Archon. Who? Drew Wagner. 2nd principal officer. In charge of membership recruitment, oversees recruitment committee and ensures compliance with IFC regulations.
Archon. Who? Logan Abbot Official Head & chief exec of chapter. Responsible for supervising all officers, scholarships, and committees. Chief Spokesman. Presents complaints to standards board on behalf of their chapter.
Four Entities. Properties- Nationally run housing corp used to acquire new houses. Foundations- Affiliate program that supports educational programs of PKP. Push America- Fraternity-
Treasurer. Who? Paul Wolff 3rd principal officer. Prepares and follows chapter approved budget. Maintains a uniform and acceptable accounting system..
Secretary. Who? Mike Curtin Keeps all minutes of all chapter meeting. Scholarship of all members, correspondence, distributes membership supplies, forwards all reports to nationals and keeps chapter reports.
Historian. Who? John Powell Captures and documents and activities of chapter. Produces and sends chapter alumni newsletter. Plans chapter based alum events. Maintains chapter library. Updates chapter records.
Warden. Who? Austin Shaw Director of member education. Keeps order of chapter. Attends door of all meetings. Distributes and collects ballot. Big Brother program. Oversees scholarship committee.
Chaplain. Who? Connor Smith Oversees ritual committee conduct and coordinates all religious services of chapter. Responsible for all ceremonies & equipment. Chapter code of conduct. Keeps alumni records accurate and reports them to nationals.
Associate Member Badge Worn by associate members vertically above heart.
Membership Badge Each initiated member of Pi Kappa Phi receives a membership pin.
Star Shield Star Shield is the public LOGO of Pi Kappa Phi.
Pi Kappa Phi Flag Vertical stripes with a star, the students lamp, and the letters of the fraternity.
The Great Seal Consists of shield of arms, encircled by 7 palmettos with circular band on which shall be the legend. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity 1904. Date enclosed by two rosettes. 7 palmettos for 7 founding fathers.
The Bell Public symbol of PKP. 1981 Bert Leur (Alpha Epsilon, UF) at the 38th Supreme Chapter in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, chaired the committee that created the new symbol of Pi Kappa Phi.
Colors White and Gold. Royal Blue is used as an auxiliary color when needed.
Pi Kappa Phi College Held once every other year during the summer. Pi Kapp College is the premier leadership school.
Mid Year Leadership Conference Every weekend of the month in January. Regional meeting is hel to promote ideas of the chapters. First meeting held in Charlotte, NC 1983.
Supreme Chapter Meet every 2 years. Gathers representatives for purpose of exercising supreme legislative powers.
Gold Book Book that the laws and proceedings of the supreme chapter meeting are kept for PKP fraternity.
Four Esoteric Publications FoKroMix Ritual of Initiation Proceedings from Supreme College Gold Book
Durward Owen (Xi, Roanoke College) Salem, VA. Most influential members in Pi Kappa Phi. In 1959, took over as executive secretary (CEO). His accomplishments earned him designation of honorary FOURTH founding father.
Mark E. Timmes (Alpha Epsilon, Florida) Took over as CEO in 1994 after Durward Owen retired.
Leo Harben Pou (Omicron, Alabama) First Mr. Pi Kappa Phi in 1965. Jake Albers (Theta Epsilon, Kansas) won the award in 2004.
Types of Rushees Type I- Come to PKP as freshman or transfers who sign up for IFC Rush. Type II- Hesitant about rushing. Open to greek life, not actively pursuing. Type III- Hardest to rush. Strong academics. Fear hazing or age gap. Most likely to be best members.
3 Steps of Recruiting Step 1- Intro to fraternity. Talk highly of frat. Accomplishments. Not afraid to be different. Step 2- Get to know them. Listen, be friendly. comfortable w/ house. Step 3- help picture himself as PKP. Explain how he could benefit and help PKP..
Extending a Bid This is what happens after the steps of recruitment. Extending a bid requires retaining the prospective member’s interest, receiving enthusiasm and finally getting his commitment. The vice archon extends bids.
Famous PKP Alumni Thomas Wolfe- Kappa (UNC) American Writer. Jim Edmonds- Zeta Rho (Cal State Fullerton) All-Star outfielder in Major League Baseball. World Series Champion. Randy Owen- Delta Epsilon (Jacksonville St) Grammy winner. Lead singer of "Alabama"
Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Alpha Epsilon (Florida) Football Stadium for Florida Gators. Known as "The Swamp"
Bert Leur Alpha Epsilon (Florida) Came up with The Bell
Created by: KappaClass
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