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Chapters 14-18

The Romans relied on what? extensive drilling and leadership
The Greeks were? highly organized, disciplined and had a large amount of foot soldiers
First weapon used in siege warfare? Catapults
What was the simple development in the 6th century and a major advance in war? The Stirrup
What is Feudalism Economic, social, and political system in medieval Europe in which land was given to knights in exchange for military service
Code of conduct by which knights conducted themselves during battle Chivalry
Why did knights become obsolete? Change in weapons
"Medieval machine gun" Long bow
Bow using lever assembly to draw string crossbow
Weapon like the catapult Trebuchet
Like small hand-held canons? Guns
Why was the gun a significant advance in the mid-1800s? You can fire in the prone position
What gun was a significant advance in the mid-1800s? Breech-loading rifle
What made Naval Operations so significant? could fight from a distance
Significance of steamship? Changed the job of a sailor and new sailor was more like a factory worker
Other industries? Railroads, factories, and Medical
Advances? Submarine and Airplane
What is nationalism? Pride in ones country
What sparked early wars? Differences between rulers
What two wars were fought for democracy and nationalism? French and American Revolutions
What were three changes in warfare? Research and Development on military technology, railroads and steamships, medical technology
What was the most significant change in warfare? Medical Technology
Created by: courtneyc07