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VL 1-10


Fluctuating up and down
1. Evanescent Fleeing, temporary
2. Negligible small, tiny
3. Capitulate surrender, give in
4.Lethargic lazy, sleepy
5. Incessant forever, lasting
Venerated respected, admire
Enigma mysterious event/writing
Zenith highest point
Clandestine marked in, held by, secrecy
Fortuitous lucky, fortunate
Propensity personal habit, tendency
Sporadic scatter, random
Pragmatic calm
Sycophant a kiss up
Efface erase, wipe out
spurious lie, false
Benevolent kind nice
Acquiesced consent, capitulate, give in
Partisan one sided,
Innate inherited, natural
Placate satisfy, calm
Fallacy false, myth
Magnanimous really huge, extreme
Expedite accelerate, fast
Iconoclast rebel trendsetter
Rhetoric persuasive language
Irrefutable Undeniable
Disseminate share, spread around
Taciturn silent, reserved
Susceptible capable, easily affected, vulnerable
decrepit worn out, old condition
Impending coming, looming, waiting
Delirious high, excited
Vulnerable weak, helpless,easy target
Monotonous boring, dull
Scintillating brilliant, smart, fascinating
Subtle hidden, understate, delicate
Earnest serious, deep
Contempt hate, dislike
redundant repetitive, superfluous
taut tight, stretched, tense
retroactive back date, old
sprawling spread out
articulate Coherent, eloquent
eccentric odd, quirky,
demoralize destroy, discourage
contemplate anticipate,consider, think about
tenacious determine, persistence, stubborn
fatality deadly, victim
assimilate fit in, blend it
premise assumption, thesis
presumptuous foolish, arrogant
integrate change, add on, mix in
negate cancel, undo
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