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Microphone Test

Electromagnetic Induction, rugged, higher SPL, cardiod polar pattern Dynamic Mic Characteristics
converts Acoustic energy to Electrical energy Transducer
Operate on electrostatic principle, Capsule contains two thin plates, sensitive, flat freq response Condenser Mic (Capacitor)
electromagnetic induction, Commonly use extremely thin aluminum ribbon, Often a step-­up transformer is used, warm sound Ribbon Mic
Responds to sounds emanating from all directions Omnidirectional
Diaphragm responds to relative differences in pressure b/w front, back and side Directional
How a microphone reacts to certain frequencies Frequency Response
3Hz-­25Hz Rumble
Increase in bass response (usually around 200Hz) whenever a directional mic becomes closer (1 foot or so) to the point source Proximity Effect
How quickly a ␣␣␣␣␣ diaphragm reacts to the initial attack of a sound wave Transient Response
The amount of amplification needed to raise the mic level to line level Sensitivity Rating
Microphone output (push) to preamp/device input (pull) Output Impedance
Senn 421 Which is better for miking a cab; Senn 421 or AKG 451?
directional Mic type that induces proximity?
Distance between mic 1 and 2 must be 3 3x that of its source 3:1 rule
when is the 3:1 rule applied? Spaced Pair or A/B
French Horn Mic? RCA 77dx
starting point for miking cab? 2-6" pointed slightly away from cone
characteristics that most affects freq. response Diaphragm size
best isolation on cymbals? High pass filter
Mics used on drums in class KICK: d6, RE20, D112 SNARE: SM57 HI HAT: SM81 RACK TOMS: Senn 604, senn 421 FLOOR TOM: RE20, 421 OVERHEADS: 414, 451
3 best piano mics? AKG 451, AKG 414, Neumann TLM 103
3 word process that describes interference elimination in a balanced system? Common mode rejection
mic picks up more ambient noise than source Critical Distance
4 stereo miking techniques a/b, x/y, spaced pair, Decca tree, midside
Vocal mic placement 6" away from face, 3" above mouth, 45* back
Created by: rock2fanion