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Digital Media UCF

Final exam review

What are three things a computer does? Stores and retrieves data, manages communications network, and manipulates and generates text
What was the first spreadsheet program? VisiCalc
Who created the first mouse? Macintosh
What are examples of physical media? Floppy disk, hard drive,
What is data? Anything we turn into digital media, like pictures, songs, videos, etc.
What does LAN stand for? Local Area Network
What is analog? Measuring data through a constant stream of information
What is digital? Measuring data through discrete points at discrete levels
What is the smallest unit of data? A bit
What are two types of protocols? POP3: Post Office Protocol, allows us to receive mail. SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, allows us to send mail
What is a computer network? Two or more computers
What are the three parts to a network The hub, the node, and the link
What is John von Neumann's architecture? Fetch, code, execute
What is ASCII American Standards Code for Information Interchange
Who invented the first microprocessor? Intel
What did Bill Gates create? BASIC, a computer language
What does GUI stand for? Graphical User Interface
What does FTP stand for? File Transfer Protocol
What does HTTP stand for? Hypertext Transfer Protocol
What do you use image compression for? To reduce file size
What is lossless? It gives an exact copy of the file, but still compresses it
What is lossy? A file compression that discards some parts of the file.
What is a beziere curve? A smooth curve in a vector graphic with four points
What is a codec? Compression decompression
What is a MIDI? Musical Instrument Digital Interface
What is a BITMAP? A graphic that records a value for every pixel in the image
What do depth cues do? They let us know that there is space in a picture
What are some types of depth cues? Overlap: where things overlap to indicate distance. Textual diffusion: having things in the distance be blurry to show distance.
What is sound? Air molecules moving about in the air
What is dithering? Adding noise to an image
What is CSS? Cascading Style Sheets
What is amplitude? It measures volume and loudness, is measured in decibels.
What is frequency? It measures tone and pitch and is measured in Hertz.
What is XML? A structure for holding content; you can create your own tags in this language.
What is WAN? Wide Area Network (the internet)
What is a URL? A Uniform Resource Locator
What does HTML allow us to do? HTML allows us to create pages.
What did Xerox do? It created a lot of important technology but did nothing with it and therefore aren't as famous as they could be.
What was the Microsoft Interface Manager? Windows
What is the technical side of Digital Media? Coding, etc.
What is linear? In order, chronologically
What is non-linear? Can move whereever, no true order
What are the three distinguishing characteristics of HTML? Resolution independent, hyper-text
What is W3C? The World Wide Web Consortium. It is the protocol standards for the web.
What are the three colors your eye cones see? Red, blue, and green.
What are the visual components of DM? The apparent line in 2D is an edge. The apparent line in 3D is a contour.
When two planes intersect... It's known as an intersection of planes
What is a linear motif? Any image reduced to simple lines
What is an array? Stores a group of values as one entity
What is a function? Abstraction of script data as intructions
What is a variable? Stores a value(s)
What is a computer program? A list of instructions that directs a process.
What is an operating system? The resident program that directs a process.
What is a copyright? Protects the author's original works.
What are trademarks? What protects the logos or designs of a company
What are patents? What protects the inventions a person or company makes
What are tradesecrets? The secrets a company wants to keep hidden, like the Coke formula
What are three ways to change brightness and tone? Reflect control: before. Exposure,after. Incident control, with lights themselves.
What are psychoacoustics? The perception of sound differs from what is actually heard
What is rotoscoping? Marking individual frames of an animation (any Disney animated movie)
What is keying? Portions of one video inside of another. Like the weatherman.
What are logical pixels? Data that describes color at one point.
What are physical pixels? Pixels on a printer or computer monitor
What did Ben Crosby tall about? One-to-one and many-to-many. Or land, sea, to sky.
What did Marshall McClellan say? The medium is the message
What are paired tags? And unpaired tags? Paired are tags with a beginning and closing tag <img></img> and unpaired only has the opening tag <img>
What are HTML mark-up codes? They are the tags.
What does it mean if a program is divided into units? It is object oriented?
Created by: mandabanana