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Java - Ch. 8

Java Chapter 8

Composition a capability that allows a class to have references to objects of other classes as members.
An attempt by a method that is not a member of a class to access a private member of that class is a (blank) error. compilation
A source-code file can contain only one(blank)—otherwise, a compilation error occurs. public class
In an overloaded constructor the (blank) reference must be the the first statement in the body. This
The compiler can optimize programs by removing calls to simple methods and replacing them with the expanded code of their declarations. This is called (blank) inlining
Set methods are also known as... Mutator methods
Get methods are also known as... Accessor methods
Composition is sometimes known as a "has-a-relationship"
enum constants are (blank) and (blank) final static
EnumSet.range displays... Takes two parameters (the first and last enum constants) and displays all the constants between the two.
In an enum declaration, it is a (blank) error to declare enum constants after the enum type’s constructors,fields and methods in the enum declaration. syntax
The finalize method is called by the garbage collector
Just before the garbage collector reclaims an objects memory it preforms... termination housekeeping
the (blank) reference cannot be used in a (blank) method because when this type of method is called there might not be any objects of its class in memory. this static
String objects in java are (blank) and cannot be modified after creation. immutable
A static import declaration takes two forms. one that imports a particular static member called (blank) and one that imports all static members of a class called (blank) single static, static import on demand
The principle that states that code should be granted only the amount of privilege and access that it needs to accomplish its designated task, but no more is called. The principle of least privilege.
A final constant can be initialized immediately or in every (blank) of its class. constructor
Three things can appear outside the braces of a class declaration. They are: package declarations, import declarations and comments
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