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Micro 4-6

Micro ch 4-6 test

What genera belong to the micrococcaceae family staphlococcus, micrococcus, & stomatococcus
What biochemical test divide staphylococci into 2 groups coagulase test
Where are staphylococci normal flora found skin & mucous membrane
Characteristic gram stain & morph for staphlylococci Gram positive cocci in grapelike clusters
Media grow staphylococci BAP, CHOC, CNA, PEA, MSA
Is staphylococci aerobic or anaerobic facultatively anaerobic
How does staphylococci cause disease Invasive or toxic infection
What is principle of catalase testing catalase (an enzyme) breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water (H2O) and oxygen (O2)w/bubbles formed by the released oxygen
What test should be used to presumptively identify S. saprophyticus novabiacin disk
What type of hemolysis by staphylococci Beta
Describe the colony morphology of staphylococcus circular, opaque, smooth, & a butyrous consistancy
Describe the general characteristics of Streptococci catalase-neg, gram pos cocci, chains
What is GAS known as Group A Streptococci -Streptococcus pyogenes
What disease is caused by GAS strep throat, scarlet fever, bacteriemia, skin infection, streptococcal toxic shock syndrome
What are the four systems for naming streptococci serogrouping, physiologic properties, hemolytic activity, & common names
Colony morph and hemolysis for GAS small colonies, translucent w/a large beta hemolytic zone
T or F GAS are normal flora False
What is a Zone of Inhibition a zone of no growth around antibiotic disk (susceptible)
Colonial morph & hemolysis of GBS Large colonies, flat, creamy w/a small zone of Beta hemolysis
Hemolysis and colony morph of Streptococcus Pneumoniae alpha hemolysis & produce either mucoid colonies or umbilicated colonies
The two important human pathogens in Bacillus species B. anthracis & B. cereus
Anthrax is caused by bacillus anthracis
Colony morph and gram stain morph of bacillus species Large, gram-pos, or gram variable rods (poss spores), beta hemolysis, motile, beaten egg whites.
What organism been described as resembling chinese letters on gram stain corynebacterium species
What is the causative agent of diptheriae C. diptheriae
What culture media are used to grow corynebacterium BAP, tellurite agar, loeffler medium, & PAI
Colony morph and gram stain of listeria monocytogenes small gram pos, grey colonies, non-spore forming rod but looks like coccobacillary or coccoid
On gram stain, this organism is gram positive rods, with what appears as holes due to what Bacillis and spores don't stain so they look like holes
What test can be used to differentiate listeria from GBS bile-esculin & catalase test
What organism stains irregularly and appears as beading cocci nocardia species