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Reading Final Review

Short Story questions

In "Hamadi," where did Hamadi grow up? Lebanon
In "Hamadi," why did Hamadi choose to live in the Traveler's Hotel? He doesn't care about appearence and possession
In "Hamadi," what does Hamadi mean when he says "I married the wide horizon"? He means that he marries books because he love how they inspire his imagination
In "Retrieved Reformation," what characteristic makes Jimmy Valentine a good burgler? His special set of tools
In "Retrieved Reformation," why does Jimmy Valentine go into the shoe business? He wants and honest job and normal life
In "Retrieved Reformation," which character determines the resolution? Ben Price the detective
In "Tears of Autumn," why does Hana agree to marry Taro? She does not want to live a boring life like her sisters and she wants adventure without the Japenese lifestyle
In "Tears of Autumn," what are the three settings? Japan, the ship, and San Francisco
In "Tears of Autumn," what do Hana's relatives think is the most important quality in men? wealth
In "The Storyteller," who is the storyteller? the bachelor
In "The Storyteller," what is the bachelor's reaction to the children at first? annoyance
In "The Storyteller," what can you infer about the children's reaction to their aunt's story? They think that the story is boring and stupid
In "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh," who stopped to talk to Joby? The general
In "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh," how is Joby the heart of the army? His beating of the drum gives troops higher morale to do better in battle
In "The Finish of Patsy Barnes," where does Patsy spend most of his time? The racetrack
In "The Finish of Patsy Barnes," why is winning the race so important? He needs to get money to pay for a doctor for his mother and to avenge his father's death
In "Charles," from what point of view is the story told? Laurie's mother
In "Charles," Laurie is facing what new experience? starting kindergarten
In "Charles," how is Charles an institution in Laurie's family? He is constantly discussed
At the end of "Charles," Lauries's mother realizes that he is really _______. Charles
In "The Tell Tale Heart," why does the narrator want to kill the old man? He wants to kill him for his clouded blue eye
In "The Tell Tale Heart," on what character traits does the narrator pride himself in? patience and intelligence
In "The Tell Tale Heart," what is the sound that drives the narrator to confess? The sound of a beating heart
In "The Speckled Band," what is the speckled band? A snake
In "The Speckled Band," who is Sherlock Holmes' assistant? Dr. Watson
In "The Speckled Band," Helen confides to Holmes that she thinks her sister died of _____. fear
In "The Speckled Band," why does Dr. Roylott visit Sherlock Holmes? He knows his daughter was there and wants him to stay away. He threatens Holmes
In "The Speckled Band," what does Holmes discover about the bell rope and why is it important to the solving of the mystery? The bell rope is newer and does not work; the murderer needs the bell rope for the snake to slither down it without making noise
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