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(CK)Tuck SG 20-24

(CK) Tuck Everlasting Ch 20-24 Study Guide

When the constable asks Mae why she hit the stranger, what does she answer? He was taking the child against her will.
What does Winnie say when the constable accuses the Tucks of kidnapping her? She says they did not kidnap her; she went with them willingly.
According to the constable, what will happen to Mae if the stranger dies? She will be sent to the gallows.
Under what circumstances will the forest belong to the Fosters again? if he dies
What does Winnie believe Mae's intent was in hitting the stranger? She meant to kill him.
What does Winnie's grandmother tell her about toads? They don't drink water but take it in through their skins.
How do the Tucks plan to rescue Mae? They will remove the jail window frame, bars and all.
What does Jesse think of the escape plan? It won't give them much time to get away.
If Winnie's family knew about her plan, how does she think they will react? They would forbid it.
How does Winnie describe the Tucks now that she really knows them? as her darling Tucks
Created by: lindajune