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CSC-211 Test 1

Ch 1 & 2 Vocab

Java Program A class consisting of 1 or more methods, including a main method (this is where execution begins).
Flow of Control The order in which statements are executed in a program.
Runtime Error An abrupt and unexpected end in execution.
Identifiers Names given to items in your program that must start with a letter, underscore, or $. Subsequents can be numbers, letters, underscores, or $.
Procedural Decomposition Dividing a problem into methods.
Keyword An identifier that can't be used because it already has a reserved meaning in Java.
Debugging The process of removing Logic Errors from a program.
Syntax Error (Compiler Error) A problem in the structure of a program that causes failure.
Primitive Type A type is a set/category of data Values. There are 8 simple types for numbers, text, etc. Char: a single-text character; Int: an integer; Double: a real number; Boolean: a logical value.
Logic Error A problem in your program that causes it to execute, but incorrectly.
Type Casting A mechanism for converting a value of one type to another.
Eclipse An Integrated Development Environment.
Compiler Translates a program from one language to another. Java translates programs from source code to java byte code.
Class Constant A fixed value visible to the entire program. Allows you to use a recurring variable.
Comments Not written out source code by a programmer.
Variable Declaration Sets aside memory for storing a value.
String Literals A sequence of text characters.
Syntax The set of legal structures or commands that can be used in a particular language; The "spelling" and "grammar" of a programming language.
Scope The part of a program where a variable exists.
Assignment Statement Stores a value into a variable.
Increment/Decrement Operators Adds or Subtracts a value by one. ++/--
Nested Loop A loop within a loop.
Static Methods One or more statements; Denotes the structure of a program and eliminates redundancy.
for loops Repetition control structure; for (
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