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world lit exam vocab

units 1-6

TermDefinition Unit
invincible unable to be conquered 1
deduce to draw a conclusion from fact 1
intractable stubborn; hard to move forward 1
retract to draw back; withdraw 1
impetuous acting passionately and without forethought 1
infraction minor infraction of a rule or law 2
incisive sharply cutting; direct and powerful 2
excise to cut out of; remove 2
dichotomy two opposite parts of one whole 2
punctilious paying strict attention to detail; extremely careful 2
compel to force or strongly persuade 3
dejected downcast or sad; depressed 3
emissary an agent sent on a mission 3
motif a recurring theme, subject or idea 3
emote to dramatically express emotions 3
impervious unable to be affected 4
deference act or practice of yielding to another's authority 4
proffer 4
comportment 4
envisage 5
retrospective 5
epiphany 5
incoherent 6
effusive 6
resolute 6
insoluble 6
diligent 6
dissolute 6
conducive supportive; encouraging; helping to bring about 1
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