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City of Ladies

Ovid condemned women because he was no longer able to take pleasure in them anymore. Tried to make others hate women as well.
Cecco d'Ascoli hated all women so he condemned women because he wanted others to share the same hatred
Secreta mulierum women were not allowed to read it because it contained lies and women would be able to recognize it right away
According to Reason, is it true that women are more infant-like? yes, but it's good because then, the children like us more and infant-like in tenderness and gentleness is only found in well-ordered women
Queen Fredegund upholder of justice ruled France after he husband died and kept the throne for her son
Queen Blanche upholder of justice also kept the throne for her son after her husband died
Queen Jeanne upholder of justice preserved her land's power
Duchess of Anjour upholder of justice kept the throne for her children by negotiating with the people to gain their obedience and allegiance
Semiramis strong and independent woman married her own son after being widowed conquered entire Orient and rebuilt Babylon
Amazons strong and independent women "breastless ones": nobility
Zenobia strong and independent woman hunted fought with lions and bears married against her will but followed her husband to wars and such
Cornifica loved learning great poet forgot her womanly duties because of her love for learning Boccaccio and St. Gregory wrote about her
Proba loved learning mastered all 7 liberal arts wrote Cento
Sappho loved learning Greek poet invented new styles of learning
Minerva loved learning invented Greek shorthand, numbers, wool, oil from fruits, armor, fighting in organized ranks, flutes, fifes, trumpets, wind instruments goddess of chivalry and arms and knowledge
Statue of Minerva HELMET strength, endurance, constant courage counsels of the wise are concealed
Statue of Minerva CRUEL EYES chivalry for rigorous justice one seldom knows how far the meditation of the wise man goes
Statue of Minerva COAT OF MAIL power of the estate of chivalry wise man is always to be armed against the whims of fortune
Statue of Minerva SPEAR/LANCE a knight must be a rod of justice a wise man attacks from far away
Statue of Minerva SHIELD OF CRYSTAL knight must always be alert and oversee the people things are obvious to the wise man
Statue of Minerva GORGON'S HEAD ON SHIELD be watchful like a serpent wise man is aware of his dangers
Statue of Minerva OWL ON SHIELD knight must be ready day and night wise man must do what is profitable and fitting for him
Queen Ceres loved learning discovered cultivation and the tools for it goddess of grain
Dido prudence got away from her brother and stuck through to build Carthage
10 Sibyls prophetess more accurate about Jesus than the Bible and they aren't Christians
Nicostrata prophetess prophesied Rome would be built on Palentine Hill
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