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Networking acronyms

ARP address resolution protocol
ADSL asymmetric digital subsriber line
ANSI american national standards institute
API application programming interface
APM advanced power management
ATM asynchronous transfer mode
CHAP challenge handshake authentication protocol
CSMA/CA carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance
CSMA/CD carrier sense muliple access with collision detection
CSU/DSU channel serivice unit/data service unit
DLC data link control
DBMS database management system
DoS denial of service
DHCP dynamic host configuration protocol
DSL digital subsciber line
DIX digital intel xerox
DLL dynamic link library
DNS domain name service
EIA/TIA electronics industry association/telecommunications industry association
ERD emergency repair disk
FDDI fiber distruted data interface
FQDN fully qualified domain name
FTP file transfer protocol
GPO group policy objects
HAL hardware abstraction layer
HCL hardware compatibility list
HTML hyper-text markup lanuage
HTTP hyper-text transfer protocol
ICF internet connection firewall
ICS internet connection sharing
ICMP internet control message protocol
IP internet protocol
IPSEC ip security
IPX/SPX internetwork packet exchange/sequence packet exchange
ISDN intergrated services digital network
ISP internet service provider
LAN local area network
LUNs logical unit numbers
MAC media access control
MAN metropolitan area network
MAU multistation access unit
MMC microsoft Management console
MIME multipurpose internet mail extentions
Modem modulator/demodulator
MSAU multistation access unit
NAT network address translation
NDS novell directory service
NetBEUI netbios extended user interface
NetBIOS network basic input/output system
NetBT netbios
NIC network interface card
NFS network file system
NOS network operating system
NTFS nt file system
OSPF open shortest path first
OSI open systems interconnection
PAP password autentication protocol
PBX private branch exchange
Ping packet internet groper
POP post office protocol
PPP point-to-point protocol
PPTP point-to point tunneling protocol
PSTN public switched telephone network
RAID redundant array of independent devices
RAS remote access services
RIS remote installation services
RJ registered jack
SSID service set identification
SMB server message blocks
SMM system management mode
SMTP simple mail transfer protocol
SNMP simple network management protocol
SQL structured query language
SSL secure sockets layer
STP shielded twisted pair
TCP transmission control protocol
TCP/IP transmission control protocol/internet protocol
TDR time domain reflectometer
TRACERT traceroute
TFTP trivial file transfer protocol
UART universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter
UNC universal naming convention
UPS uniterruptible power supply
URL uniform resource locator
UDP user datagram protocol
UTP unsheilded twisted pair
VLAN virtual lan
VPN virtual private network
WAN wide area network
WINS windows internet name service
Winsock windows sockets
WEP wired equivalency privacy
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