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Whitman & Dickinson

Who were W and D? - Forerunners of modern poetry be they changed poetry forms forever. - Whitman changed the way of they norm - rhyme and rhythm - wanted ppl to see his work - Dickinson: didn't want people to see her poems
Whitman description. words? aimed for? techniqued based on? invented? no __ or __? modern poetry? loved words, very decriptive, aimed large, cataloging everything in sight, based on cadence (sweep of words across the page); invented free vers-main contribution to modern poetry; very social and outgoing; no rhyme or rhythm,
Whitman. What book did he spend most his life completing? made him famous; Why? how many diff versions? 1st publication reaction of ppl? why? What did this change about poetry? "leaves of grass" ; Bc of his use for free verse; 9; reaction was bad bc it was too strange and bold; they werent used to no R&R; cahnged the way traditional poetry was
whitman. America? trascendentalist? what did he belive about the poet? masterpeice? epic poem? celebrated the diversity in maerica, celebrated each socail status, we were the melting oit;; trans-celebrated self; believed the poet was the savin gforce of the world-god;; "leaves of grass" - epic(long narrative about journey of hero)
Dickinson. beginning of life? fell in love wiht whom? what happened? Wore whawt color and why? normal; a married man and her famiy mvoed, so she withdrew from society oever; wore white for then on for the bride shell never be
Dickinson. how many pomes published? out of how many? wanteed them what after her death? they did what? 7; 1700; destroyed; her family published them but fought over the rights for them; 70 yrs before a single vloume was published
Dickinson's techinque. Diamond cutter> economical? R&R? what kind of rhyme? influence on what? puncuation? favorite thing to use? very carful in choosin gher words; said exactly what she needed and nothing more; controlled by rhyme and rythm she sound in her hymn book; influenced modern poetry; little use; used the dash alottt!
i hear america singing/ author? lyric poem? love poem? subgenre? sound? theme? W; expressed perosnal feelings; For america; catalog peom= lists of ppl singing in america; creates cadence of rhythym by repeating certain sentence patteerns; its okat to be proud of the WSA bc the diversitymakes it what it is
Song of myself. author? Sound? THeme? Metaphor? W; cadence with fere verse; transcendental theme, all part of pver sou, love of nature;; Cry of the haek= human complaint, cant make it stop
A sight in Camp Daybreak Gray and DIm. author? imagery? Symbol? W; cold, grey dim early mornig- a time for death- btw night and dawn; faces of the 3 dead men symbolize Christ each man and Christ sacrificed life for the good of others watch man reps humanity as a whole Christ died for all; those men sacrificed
Grass; author? symbol? imagery? transcendentalist? catalog? W; grass=humankind,god,nature,democracy, cylical nature;; "motoher's laps" death leads forward to life;; all connected, most trans of whole book; stream of coinscience, lists philosophical ideas abotu grass,
WHen i heard the astronomer. author? Transcendental Romantic Ideal? Sound? Parrallel structure? W; poet knows the stars better than the scientist bc poet is saviour of the world; repeat "i" sound; repeat "m" sound; "when i"= saviour; "time to time"=boredness; heartbeat = aliteration and assonance;; first 4 lines start with "when"
A noisless patient spider. author? Analogy? transcendentalism? Apostrophe? btw himself and the spider; both work patiently and alone; poetry and filaments flow;; quest for unity, poet sends out spiritual filemtn tos connect world;; when a poet addresses an absetn person, thing or iea in poem, = soul
Beacuse i could not stop for death. author? metaphor? personification? irony? the journey? D; carriage ride - leading towards death;; death as a carriage diver who stops to pick up speaker;; speaker believes to be on ride but it has eternal significance;; literally alst a day, but symbolically a lifetime, she is unprepared for death
I head a fly buzz; author? iteral meaning? symbolic meanign? D; dying speaker is giving away her things, a fly gets her attention;; fly is just an ordinary thing you should appreciate bc life is hort
Much madness is divinest sense. author? paradox? Meaning? D; a statment that seems to contridict itself but delivers some truth, title (madness)= one means crazy and other means sane;; the poet saying that anyoe who goes againat th enorm is considered mad, but she considers it creative and divine inspiration
My life is closed twice befor its close; author? paradox? meanign? D; heaven and hell; 2 opposit concepts, are understood by means of one thing: the pain of parting;; talking about 2 loved ones that passed, she sasys her passin gtaught her more of hell than heaven
This is my letter to the World; author? foreshadowing? meanign? D; Though Dickinson never wanted her poetry to be read, this seems to say that she knew it might one day be read "Hands i cannot see...";; her own fault the world never wrote to her, says her poetry is t oglorify nature
The sould slects her own society. author? ryhme? personification? meaning/theme? D; slant(doicety and majoity) and exact(door and more); soul as a queen goddess, smetimes it selects one and shut all others out;; the soul preforms the action of choosing friends
If you were coming in the fall; author? metaphysical poetry? figures of speech? poetry that uses higly intellectual imagery and figure of speech, compares unfufiled love to a fruit ring one who would toss away when done with it;TOSS YONDER LIEK A RIND= give up life to be w/ love 4ever;LIKE THE GOBLIN BEE=teased with love, like a bee
If you were coming in the fall; author? understatement? meanign? "only centuries" as if it were a brief amount of time- means her love is so strong she is willing to wait a very long time; longing for return of her love, wants to know the date of reunion, uncertainity is hard to bear
Tell all truth but tell it slant. author? irony? rhyme? meanign? D; didnt use slant at all but its in title; esxact rhyme; truth is compared to a blinding light, means thattruth cab be fully comprehended if revealed a little at a time, indirectly or partially
Apparently with no surprise. author? capatilization? tone? D; caps words she personifies; flowers death is al a part of Gods plan for the circle of life, so it is good and acceptable to frost didn't purposely kill the flower, cant control itself, it is just doing its job
Success is Counted Sweetest. author? publication? analogy? one of 7 poems published,ironically ppl thought Emerson wrote this;compares person who needs a drink to a losers appreciation for victory,a person who loses wants success badly,success os appreciated more by those who fail, bc they want success more
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