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Mac note for OS X

CD's and DVD's what program is ran when a new cd or dvd is inserted
Display resolution, orientation
Energy Saver manage battery and power adapter setting separately
Keyboard keyboard shortcuts
Network wireless and ip settings
Accounts create/delete/manage users
Date & Time set date, time, time zone
Parental Controls set up time limits, ratings
Software Update check for updates, view previous updates installed
Time Machine automatic backups configuration
Spaces multiple desktops
Spotlight search program always indexing everything that is created and changed
Pages word processor (word)
Numbers spreadsheet (excel)
Keynote presentation (powerpoint)
How do you enable the Firewall? system preferences > security & privacy >
List all versions of MAC OSX 10.0: "Cheetah" 10.1: "Puma" 10.2: "Jaguar" 10.3: "Panther" 10.4: "Tiger" 10.5: "Leopard" 10.6: "Snow Leopard" 10.7: "Lion"
F3 mission control
F4 dashboard
First Apple computer debut homebrew computer club
Most expensive MAC MAC PRO 2k+
Created by: hades425