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T2 Liu Acne

T2 Acne Liu Bastyr

Describe Acne: Acne is also known as adolescent rash. It is a skin condition that occurs when the oilsecreting glands in the skin and at the base of hairs are clogged and become inflamed or infected.
Where is Acne usually found: Acne usually occurs on the face, back and chest
Who is at risk for acne: 90% of teenagers get acne
What are the two types of Acne: 2 types of acne Adolescent acne or climacteric acne
TCM Cause of Acne: Mainly caused by disorder of Chong and Ren Mai, Hormonal changes: yin yang imbalance – Puberty: too much yang rising, and yin is trying to catch up – Menopause: yin deficiency is common Oil acne Mainly caused by damp heat of ST and SP
Describe Etiology, Pathogenesis, and Differentiation of Acne: In puberty, hormones stimulate the growth of body hair, and oil glands secrete more oil. Pores become clogged and bacteria grows. The body works to kill the bacteria, whiteheads, blackheads, and pustules form. 
What aggravates acne: Stress, birth control pills, and too little rest can worsen acne
DDx of Acne: Damp heat of St and Spleen Disorder of Chong and Ren Liver Qi Stagnation
Describe Damp heat of ST and SP Acne: – Damp heat steaming out and distributing to skin and hair – Acne outbreaks with certain food and drinks and constipation Disorder of Chong and Ren Mai – The pores fail to open and close, block pores – Acne comes and goes with menses
Describe LV qi stagnation Acne: – Qi and blood flow slow down or speed up – Toxins pile up and manifest as acne on the skin – Acne outbreaks or gets worse with mental stress, mood swings
Acne Manifestations: Acne usually occurs on the face, upper part of the chest and back or shoulders At first, only small rashes appear some with black head on the rashes, some with sebaceous powder.
What is a severe case of acne? Some pimples may be painful. f accompanied by infection, purulent sores or knots or sebaceous cysts could appear. Brown scar could be left after rashes are gone. In severe cases, cysts (large fluid-filled bumps) may develop under the skin 
Does adolescent acne heal on its own? Some of the adolescent acne will heal spontaneously at the end of adolescent period
Treatment principle Damp-heat of ST and SP Acne: – Dispel damp heat with reducing techniques
Points for Damp Heat of St and SP acne: LI 11 he sea: clear damp-heat ST 37, lower he sea of LI regulate bowel movement UB 39 lower he sea of SJ:regulate water passage ST 44 water :clear damp-heat SJ 6 fire: major constipation point SP 8 xi-cleft: harmonize SP LI 4 yuan source: qi mover,
Disorder of Chong and Ren Mai Treatment Principle: Regulate Chong & Ren Mai with even technique
Points for Chong and Ren Mai Acne: P6 luo-connecting, command point of chest, confluent point Yin Wei Mai SP 4 confluent point of Chong Mai LU 7 confluent point of Ren Mai SP 10 blood mover REN 7 meeting of REN, Chong, KD ST 30, Kd 21 part of Chong Mai DU 20: benefit head, brain fun
LV qi stagnation Acne Treatment principle: Soothe LV with even technique
Points for LV Qi stagnation Acne: SJ 5 (luo-connecting), GB 34 (he sea): female four gate, qi mover LI 4 (yuan source), LV 3 (yuan source): four gate, qi mover UB 18 (back shu of LV) UB 47 (outer back shu of LV)
Other therapies for Acne: Chinese herbs
What is the difference between Whiteheads, Blackheads and Redheads? Whiteheads: closed plugged oil glands Blackheads: open plugged oil glands – oil turns black when it’s exposed to air  Pustules: red, inflamed, infected plugged oil glands, sometimes filled with pus
Best herb for Liver Qi Stagnation: Xiao Yao Wan
Created by: bastyr41