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(CK) Old Yeller SG 3

(CK) Old Yeller Study Guide Part 3

Papa has taught Travis that fear is. . . a right and natural feeling for anybody
When did Travis begin to love Old Yeller? when he proved his courage by saving Little Arliss from the bear
Where was Old Yeller getting his food? He stole from the settlers.
Why did Travis go after the hogs? to mark them
How do range hogs defend themselves against predators? by forming a tight circle
How can each farmer tell if a pig belongs to him? each pig has a different series of notches cut in its ears.
How were the killer hogs able to gore Travis? Travis was leaning on a dirt bank and it gave way and he fell among the hogs.
Where is Travis hurt? in his leg
How did Old Yeller get his serious injuries? He saved Travis from the hogs.
What did Travis do when Yeller was badly hurt by the hogs? He staggered home to get help.
Why does Mama want Little Arliss to find her a green-striped lizard? so Little Arliss won't see how hurt Old Yeller really is
How does Mama get Old Yeller home? Jumper pulls him on a cow hide.
Travis's first reaction to Miss Prissy's speckled pup is . . . indifference
Created by: lindajune