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(CK) Tuck Voc 20-24

(CK) Tuck Everlasting Vocabulary Ch. 20-24

accusations charges of wrongdoing; blame She had half expected that the instant she put a foot on the stairs they would leap from their beds and surround her with _____.
acrid bitter; pungent There was a pause, then a match striking, the _____ smell of fresh cigar smoke.
entranced spellbound; hypnotized It was as if he were _____ and-yes, envious, like a starving man looking through the window at a banquet.
insistent determined; unrelenting But there were new threads now, tugging and _____, which tied her just as firmly to the Tucks.
mingled mixed together; intertwined With _____disappointment and relief, Winnie tapped the water onto the cracked earth at the gate.
obliging good-natured; helpful The next _____ roll of thunder saw the window frame wedged once more into place.
parched dried out; dehydrated; withered It looked dried out today, _____. "It's thirsty," Winnie said to herself.
plaintive sad; sorrowful Winnie's mother and grandmother sat _____ all afternoon in the parlor.
ponderous heavy; massive; weighty The sun was a _____ circle without edges, a roar without a sound, a blazing glare that even with curtains drawn, it seemed an actual presence.
shimmering glowing; gleaming Winnie saw again the wide world spread before her, _____ with light and possibility.
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