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Installing and Supporting I/O Devices

USB Ports Advantages Faster than serial or parallel ports, Use higher-quality cabling, Power drawn from USB port AND Ports available on case front or rear
Three versions of USB ports Version 1.1, Version 2.0, Version 3.0
USB Ports can daisy chain can support 127 USB devices
USB cable wiring support Four wires: two for power, two for communication
USB cable length for Original USB up to 3 meters
USB cable length for Hi-Speed USB: up to 5 meters
Which is faster, an eSATA port or a FireWire 800 port? eSATA
What is the speed for Hi-Speed USB? 480 Mbps
How many times faster is a Hi-Speed USB port than an Original USB port running at 12 Mbps? 40 times faster
How many times faster is a FireWire 800 port than a FireWire 400 port? Twice as fast
Which USB port is square and which USB port is flat and wide? The A-Male connector is flat and wide, and the B-Male connector is square
Does Windows XP without any service packs applied support Hi-Speed USB? No
How many pins does a FireWire 800 port have? 9 pins
Which parallel port standard uses a DMA channel? ECP
How many pins does the most common type of serial port have? 9 pins
What type of wireless transmission requires a line of sight clearance? Infrared
Which is better for your eyes, a monitor that supports 75 Hz refresh rate or one that supports 60 Hz refresh rate? 75 Hz is better on your eyes
For an LCD monitor, what is the best resolution to use? The native resolution
Which type port gives the best output, a composite out port or an S-Video port? An S-Video port
What command do you use to find out what version of DirectX your video card is using? Dxdiag.exe
Name three type ports a keyboard might use DIN, PS/2, USB
What two types of ports might a touch screen use? USB or serial
which Windows utility is most likely the one to use when uninstalling an expansion card? Device Manager
If ECP mode does not work on your parallel port, what should you do next? Try EPP mode
Why is it best to leave a slot empty between two expansion cards? To improve air flow
If you are installing Windows on a hard drive that is managed by a RAID storage controller card, when and how do you install the RAID drivers? At the beginning of the Windows installation by pressing F6 or load driver and then providing the drivers on a USB drive or floppy disk.
If a monitor displays wrong characters, which device is likely to be the problem? The video card
What is the display resolution for standard VGA settings? 640 x 480
What key do you press at startup to display the Vista Advanced Boot Options window? F8
You turn on your Windows Vista computer and see the system display POST messages. Then the screen turns blue with no text. Which of the following items could be the source of the problem? Windows
FireWire (IEEE 1394) ports Also called FireWire or i.Link Use serial data transmission, are hot-pluggable, and supports up to 63 FireWire devices daisy chained
Three versions of FireWire (IEEE 1394) ports 1394a, 1394b, 1394c
FireWire or i.Link use isochronous data transfer, meaning that Data transferred continuously without breaks
Serial Ports sometimes called RS-232c, DB9 and DB25 Transmit data in single bits
Parallel ports simultaneously transmit 8 bits of data
Three versions of Parallel port Standard parallel port (SPP) Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP)Extended Capabilities Port (ECP)
Infrared transceivers, also called IrDA (Infrared Data Association) or IR transceiver Provide infrared port for wireless communication
Two categories Display Devices are CRT (cathode-ray tube)and LCD (liquid crystal display)
Degauss CRT monitor to eliminate accumulated or stray magnetic fields
Projectors Native resolution of XGA 1024 x 768 Connects to PC via 15-pin video port or S-Video port. Function key activates projector on notebooks
Ports provided by video cards 15-pin VGA, DVI used by LCD monitors, Composite out port: RGB mixed in the same signal, S-Video (Super-Video): sends two signals over cable, HDMI
Windows Vista Aero requirements 128 MB video memory, DirectX 9 or higher, Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM)
DirectX diagnostics program: dxdiag.exe Displays information about hardware. Helps diagnose problems with DirectX
Selection considerations of expansion cards are Card features. Bus slot required.Operating system compatibility.Hardware resources required like Processor, RAM, free hard drive space. Application software compatibility
Four connections methods for a Keyboard and Mouse 5-pin round DIN connector. 6-pin PS/2 connector (mini-DIN). USB port. Wireless connection
Barcode reader interface methods Wireless connection, serial port, USB port, keyboard port
Keyboard, Video, and Mouse (KVM) switch allows use of One keyboard, mouse, and monitor for multiple computers
Keyboard, Video, and Mouse (KVM) switch support 2 to 16 computers
Device Manager(devmgmt.msc) Primary Windows tool for managing and monitors hardware
To access Device Manager(devmgmt.msc) in Windows Vista Click Start, right-click Computer, select Properties on the shortcut menu, Click Device Manager on the System window and respond to UAC box
To access Device Manager(devmgmt.msc) in Windows XP Click Start, right-click My Computer, select Properties from the shortcut menu, select Hardware tab from the System Properties window, click Device Manager
Tasks available in Device Manager Uninstall a device. Obtain more device information. Run diagnostics to test a device or report problems. installed drivers, update drivers, undo a driver update, disable, or enable a device
BIOS setup recognizes the port or slot NOT the device or expansion card using that slot
Troubleshouting a port problems Verify port enabled in BIOS setup. Check Device Manager to verify the port is recognized without error
Configuring parallel ports Keep ECP default setting (DMA3). BIOS manages interrupt request (IRQ) lines
Device Manager Line Printer Terminal (LPT) assignments (LPT1, LPT2) Parallel port system resources to manage print job
serial ports 3F8 and 2F8 indicate I/O addresses used by the ports in the properties box for the port on the Port Settings tab in Device Manager
serial ports IRQ4 and IRQ5 indicate Lines the port uses to hail the CPU in the properties box for the port on the Port Settings tab in Device Manager
Installing and Configuring Adapter Cards initial tasks Verify card fits an empty expansion slot. Verify correct device drivers for the OS. Back up important data not already backed up. Know your starting point
General directions to install an adapter card Read the documentation. Replace onboard port and disable port in BIOS setup. Anchor card to top of the slot
How to install a FireWire controller card Follow general directions to install the card. Windows automatically detects card and Installs its own embedded Windows IEEE 1394 drivers and Verify installation with Device Manager
Configuring Adapter Cards possible problems Whining sound at power up: Inadequate power supply
Configuring Adapter Cards possible problems. Black screen at power up: Disable onboard in port in BIOS setup
Configuring Adapter Cards possible problems.Series of beeps at power up: Reseat card and check slot
Configuring Adapter Cards possible problems when Windows starts. conflict in onboard video and video card and Games crash or lock up: Update motherboard, video card, sound card drivers, update DirectX, and apply game patches
Requirements for installing two video cards Motherboard supporting SLI or CrossFire with two PCIe x16 slots and two matching video cards
Troubleshooting Keyboards who has a few keys do not work Dislodge debris
If a keyboard does not work at all Check the cabling, swap with a known good keyboard
If a PS/2 keyboard does not work Try a USB keyboard
If Coffee, sugary drinks spilled on the keyboard Replace keyboard or Try rinsing keyboard in water and reinstall after it dries
If Power light (LED) does not go on; no picture in Monitors or Video Cards Verify monitor and cord plugged in and tight connection and Look at fuse, volt switch selection, and video card
If power light (LED) is on, no picture on power-up in Monitors or Video Cards Check contrast, brightness,and backlight adjustments.Check cables, reseat card, inspect for chip creep, disable video ROM shadowing, test RAM, and look for Windows issues. For notebooks try connecting a second monitor
If power is on, but monitor displays the wrong characters Exchange the video card or Exchange the motherboard
If the Monitor flickers, has wavy lines, or both Check the cabling and refresh rate, Press degauss button or Check for items with high electric noise
No graphics display or screen goes blank on a Monitors and Video Cards Replace video card. Update drivers. Add video RAM
Screen goes blank 30 seconds or one minute after the keyboard is left untouched on a Monitors and Video Cards Enter BIOS setup and look for an Power Management option
If Poor color display on a Monitors and Video Cards Fine-tune the color. Exchange video cards. Install additional video RAM.Check for interference.
If Picture out of focus or out of adjustment on a Monitors and Video Cards Change LCD to native resolution. Make adjustments with display utility. Check adjustment knobs. Change the refresh rate
Display settings make the screen unreadable on a Monitors and Video Cards Return to standard VGA settings using Safe mode. Resolution of 640 x 480
Input devices include: Keyboard, mouse, touch screens, barcode readers, and biometric devices
A serial port is provided by the motherboard or might be provided by an adapter card called an I/O controller card
The controller logic on a motherboard that manages serial ports is called UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter)
A type of display in which the electronic beam of a monitor draws every other line with each pass, which lessens the overall effect of a lower refresh rate Interlaced
A type of display in which the electronic beam of a CRT monitor draws every line on the screen with each pass Noninterlaced
A device used to house and protect a hard drive outside the computer case and connect it to an eSATA, USB, or other type port on the computer is called hard drive dock or Toaster
is obout ten times faster than Hi-Speed USB and roughly five times faster than FireWire 800. SuperSpeed USB
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