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(CK)Old Yeller Voc 2

(CK) Old Yeller Vocabulary Part 2

flank side Arliss grabbed up a bunch of rocks and went to throwing them at Burn Sanderson. One hit his horse in the _____.
hydrophobia rabies Bud Searcy sure hoped we wouldn't have an outbreak of _____ in Salt Licks and all die.
plague epidemic disease There's a _____ of hydrophobia making the rounds.
riled angered and annoyed Salt Licks folks were getting pretty_____ about whoever was stealing everyone's meat.
spasms fits Once Arliss turned out of his pocket a wadded-up baby copperhead that nearly threw Mama into _____.
rogue rascal When I told Mama that Yeller had been stealing the meat, she said, "Why, that old _____."
rout to drive out I rubbed salty bacon grease into his hair all over to _____ the fleas.
flinched winced Spot didn't offer to kick me one time, just _____ when I touched her.
sumptuous luxurious, delicious We had us a real _____ dinner that night with roast turkey and cornbread dressing.
whimpering crying or sobbing softly The bear cub was out on the bank,_____ and clawing the rocks.
Created by: lindajune