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the getaway ag

where dose the setting take place. Texas, mid night at a diner.
who is the protagonist in this story. the narrator and the old boy are the protagonist in this story.
who is the antagonist in this story. the two guy dressed in the business suit.
what is the conflict in this story. the conflict is the two guy in the business suit stole the old boys money.
dose this story foreshadows. yes.they wanted a map so that meant they are heading somewhere.
what is the suspense in "the getaway". the men were liveing the diner and shot the narrator tire.
at first did the narrator think the two men were. the narrator thought the two men were business men.
where did the old boy say he first thouht that the men were criminals. when the men took out thair guns out.
at the end of the story is the old boy a winner or loseser? explain. yes because he is relly smart. he tricked the two men.
what is the point of view. the point of view is 1st person.
why did the men cut the phones line? so the old boy could not call the cops.
what did the narator say a bout the old boy. he thought the old boy was a losser.
how is the old boy a indirect character. he is smart.because he triks the robers.
how is the narrator a indirect character. he is a jugdental- because he jugdes people from how they look not the inside.
person vs person. the men stole the mony from the old boy.
person vs self . the old boy helped the men to escape but he gave them the wrong way.
what is irony. the men thought the old boy gave them the right way to escaspe but the old man did not so the old boy called the police and they thought they got away with it.
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