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Ess. 220-701

Chapter 15 Learning Printing

impact printer Uses pins and inked ribbons to print text or images on a piece of paper.
dot-matrix printer Printer that create each character from a dot array.Pins striking a ribbon against the paper.
printwires Grid of tiny pins in a pot-matrix printer that strike a inked printer ribbon to produce images on paper.
printhead Case that holds printwires in a dot-matrix printer.
near-letter quality (NLC) letter quality Designation for dot-matrix printers that use 24-pin printhead.
Inkjet printer a.k.a. ink dipersion printers Uses liquid ink, sprayed through a series of tiny jets, to print text or images on a piece of paper.
ink catridges Small containers of ink for inkjet printers.
print resoluion Quality of a print image.
dots per inch (dpi) Measure of printers solutions that counts the dots the device can produce per linear(horizotal) inch.
pages per minute (ppm) Speed of a printer.
Dye-sublimation printers Printers that use a roll of heat-sensitive plastic film embedded with dye,which are vaporized then solidified onto specially coated paper
Thermal printers Printers that use heated printheads to create high-quality images on special or plain paper.
laser printers Electro-photographic printer in which a laser is used as the light source
toner cartridge Object used to store the toner in a laser printer.
photosensitive drum Aluminum cylinder coated w/ particles of photosensitive compounds. Used in laser printer and usually contained with the toner cartridge.
erase lamp Component inside laser printers that uses light to make the coating of the photosensitive drum conductive
primary corona Wire located near the photosensitive drum in a laser printer, charges w/ high voltage to form a electrical field, passing voltage to photosensitive drum, charging particles on the surface of the photosensitive drum.
laser writing mechanism for the printer.
toner fine powder made up of plastic particles bonded to iron particles.
transfer corona thin wire, usually protected by other thin wires, that applies a positive charge to the paper during the laser printer process, drawing the negatively charged toner particles off the drum and unto the paper.
static charge eliminator Device used to remove the static charge.
fuser assembly Mechanism in laser printers that uses two rollers to fuse toner to paper during the print process.
Solid ink printers use solid stick of non-toxic "ink" melted then absorbed into paper fibers.
American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) contains av variety of control codes for transferring data, 8-bit characters used to define text characters, made of 96 upper and lower case letters.
PostScript Language define by Adobe Systems Inc. for describing how to create an image on a page. The description is independent of resolution of the device that will actually create the image.
printer control language (PCL) Printer control language created by Hewlett-Packard and used on a board cross-section of printers.
graphical device interface (GDI) Component of Windows that utilize the CPU rather than the printer to process a print job as a bitmapped image of each page.
XML Paper Specification (XPS) print path provides several improvements over GDI, including enhanced color management and better print layout fidelity. Requires a driver that support XPS.
parallel port Connections for the synchronous, high-speed flow of data along parallel lines to a device, usually a printer.
IEEE 1284 standard standard governing parallel communication/
DB-25 connector DB Connector (female), commonly referred to as a parallel port connector.
Centronics connectors Connector used w/ older printers
Calibration Process of matching the print output of a printer to the visual output of a monitor
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