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psychology 10-12

five pesonnality disorder will be Paranoid, Narcissistic, Histrionic, borderline, antisocial
Health psychology is the field devoted to understanding psychology influence on how people stay health why they become and how they respond when they do get it.
type A BEHAVIOR pattern TABP is marked by in patience exercise competitiveness, hostility anger and especially a source of time urgency
type A Behavior pattern has been linked with coronary heart disease other research has found no linked between TABP and hart disease
people with type B Behavior pattern are relaxed and easygoing and not driven by a sense of time urgency
the jekins activity survey (JAS) Is one of the oldest and most reliable assessment of type And B behavior
conflict management and reduction skills Help reduce stress by enabling people to understand what stress other people how manage their own stressor and how to resolve conflict in general
on the whole assentiveness helps reduce conflict in relationship
the tomas kilman mode instrument identifies five difference conflict style Competing, Accomoding, avoid, collaborating, compromising
Completing Is winning at another person expense in a conflict
Accommodating is allowing another person to win in a conflict
Avoid Is not dealing with the conflict
collaborating Is attempting to find win-win solution to a conflict
compromising Is attempting to find a manually accept-solution
there are difference between stress and stressor
A stressor Is an event that create a demand on a person therefore s stressor is external
A stress Is a person reaction the demand therefore a stress response is internal
Acute Stress disorder Is an anxiety disorder which fear related systems are experience, soon after a traumatic event and last less than one Month
Post Traumatix strees disorder is an anxiety disorder which fear and related sysmtons continua be experience longer after traumatic
the social adjustment raring scale
psychology disorder are mental process and behavior pattern that cause emotional distress and substantial interment in function
A phobia Is A persistent irrational fear of some specific object situation or activity that poses to actual danger
some common phobia are Snake, Clowns, Spiders.....
two Kind Of Phobia Specific and social
Specific phobia Is a Maked fear of a Specific Object or Situation
Social Phobia Is an Irrational fear of any social or performance situation in which one might embarrass are or humiliate oneself in front of other by appearing Clumsy foolish or imcompleted
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