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Herbs6 Final PCOM CH

PCOM CHI formulas, CHAP 15 dryness, CH 16 damp, CH 17 Phlegm

What formula Gently disperses COOL dryness, disseminates the LU qi, and transforms thin mucus with Slight HA, chills without sweating, cough with watery sputum, stuffy nose, dry throat T: dry, white c P: wiry Xing Su San ZI SU YE, Qian hu, XING REN, jie geng, zhi ke, che pi, fu ling, zhi ban xia, +3 sweets
To treat xs thirst that is not quenched by intake of fluids Yu Ye Tang SHAN YAO, HUANG QI, zhi mu, tian hua fen, ji nei jin, ge gen, wu wei zi
Which formula generates fluids, clears heat, moistens dryness and unblocks the bowels with constipation, thirst and T: dry, red and thin and rapid or weak and forceless pulse? Zeng ye tang if severe dryness, use zeng ye cheng qi tang XUAN SHEN, mai men dong, Sheng di
HEAT FROM XU OF ST SCORCHING THE LU YIN, COUGHING, WHEEZING, SOB, COUGHING UP PHLEGM THAT IS DFX TO expectorate, dry mouth, hot palms and soles P: xu, rapid, T: red,dry w little coat - know ingredients Mai Men dong tang MAI MEN DONG, ren shen, jing mi, zhi ban xia, da zao, gan cao
Clears dryness and heat and moistens the lungs from WARM DRYNESS ATTACKING LUNGS with damage to QI and Yin Qing Zao Jiu Fei Tang SANG YE, shi gao, mai men dong, e jiao, hei zhi ma, xing ren, pi pa ye, ren shen, gan cao
CANG ZHU, hou po, chen pi and Zhi gan cao are the ingredients of what formula that treats dampness stagnating in the middle burner? Ping Wei San CANG ZHU, HOU PO, CHEN PI, ZGC
This formula is famous for travelers diarrhea with the focus on dampness more than heat with symptoms of sudden turmoil, fever & chills, HA, sensation of fullness & stifling sensation in the chest, pain in the epigastri & abd, borborgymus, loss of taste? Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Tang HUO XIANG, hou po, chen pi, Zi su ye, bai zhi, ban xia, da fu pi,bai zhu, fu ling, jie geng + 3 sweets
clears heat, resolves dampness, reduces jaundice. treats root and manifestation Yin Chen Hao Tang yin chen, da huang, zhi zi
Mu tong, Qu Mai, Bian Xu for DH collecting in the LJ. Clear heat, drain fire, promote urination, unblock urinary dribbling. Ba Zheng San Actions and chief herbs MU TONG, QU MAI, BIAN XU, hua shi, che qian zi, zhi zi, da huang, deng xin cao, ZGC
Huang Bai, Cang Zhu for DH lodged in the LJ What are the ingredients for Er Miao San and the pattern? Huang Bai, Cang Zhu
Warm and transform phlegm and thin mucus. Strengthen the Spl and Resolve dampness. Fullness in cheat and hypochon, palpitations, coughing up clear and watery sputum, dizziness, vertigo, SOB. T: pale and swollen, wh and slip or greasy P: slip KI/SP yang x Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang FU LING, gui zhi, bai zhu, zhi gan cao
Warms the yang, promotes urination. S/S ABD PAIN WHICH IS WORSE WITH COLD, URIN DFX, DEEP ACH & HEAVINESS IN EXTREM, GENERAL EDEMA, cough, vomit, palpitations T: pale or dk swollen, slippery c. tooth mark P: submerged, thin and forceless Zhen Wu Tang ZHI FU ZI, Fu Ling, Bai Zhu, Bai Shao, Sheng jiang
What RX treats cloudy painful urinary dribbling dt cold from xu in the LB which causes dampness to pour downward? Bi Xie Fen Qing Yin Bi xie, y zhi ren, wu yao, shi chang pu
Which formula treats Damp leg qi caused by cold damp causing heavy and weak feet and calves with difficulty in walking? promote move qi, directs turbid down, dissem and transform cold damp Ji Ming San bing lang, mu gua, qu zhu yu, chen pi, zi su ye, jie gen, sheng jiang
Formulas that dispel wind dampness are mainly used in treating? a wind dampness painful obstruction
This formula expels wind and damp in the exterior and muscle layer with a heavy and painful head and a generalized sensation of heaviness. What are the ingredients of this formula Qiang huo Sheng Shi Tang QIANG HUO, DU HUO, gao ben fang geng, chuan xion, man jing zi, ZGC
tonify and harmonize the protective and nutritive qi, dispel wind, eliminated damp with a generalized heavy in body, dfx to move, stiff neck, shoulder, upper back and numb extremities Juan Bi Tang QIANG HUO, FANG FENG, jiang huang, dang gui, huang qi, bai shao, ZGC
Which formula treats painful obstruction with LV & KI xu with Heavy and painful sensations at FIXED locations in the low back and LE with weakness and stiff, an aversion to cold DU HUO JI SHENG TANG DU HUO,xi xin,fang feng, qinjiao, sang ji sheng, du zhong, niu xi, rou gui, dang gui, chuan xiong, shen di, bai shao, ren shen, fu ling, ZGC
clear and resolve DH, unblock the channel, disband painful obx, heat and pain in the joints, fever and shaking chills, lusterless, yellow complexion, scanty, dk urine xuan bi tang FANG JI,
Ma Huang, fu zi, zhi mu, bai shao, bai zhu, fang feng, sheng jiang, gan cao are the additional ingredients to what formula that treats swollen and painful joints that are warm to the touch and worse at night,T: white, greasy P: wiry, slippery GUI ZHI SHAO YAO ZHI MU TANG + chiefs GUI ZHI SHAO YAO ZHI MU
Which formula is stronger in softening and fire draining action. Invigorates the xue and tonify the qi with rock like nodules that are immobile and cause no change in skin color or do not ulcerate Hai Zao Yu Hu HAI ZHU, KAN BU, HAI DAI, zhe bei mu, zhi ban xia, du huo, chuan xiong, dang gui, chen pi, lian cao, gan cao
What Rx regulates the qi, trans phlegm, clear GB and Hrmz ST with dream disturbed sleep with strange dream, D/V, N/V, seizures with copious sputum, gnawing hung,focal distension, bitter taste in mouth T: greasy,yel P:rapid, slippery or wiry Wen Dan Tang zhu ru, Zhi Shi + Er chen Tang
which formula treats severe phlegm heat with restlessness and irritability with more intense bitter taste in the mouth Huang Lian Wen Dang Tang Huang Lian, Zhu Ru, Zhi Shi + Er Chen Tang
Which formula treats HE/GB Xu disturb the spirt and transforms phlegm and calms the heart. s/s anxiety and being easily ferightened, limbs edema, loss of taste and app, palpitations, dx sitting or fidgety, stifle sens in chest Shi Wei Wen Dan Tang Xiang Fu, Xuan Fu Hua Zi su zi, chen pi, fu ling, yi yi ren, Zhi ban xia,
Dries dampness,Transforms phlegm Regulates qi, Hrmz MB,Coughing with copious white sputum that is easy to expectorate, focal distension, stifling sens in chest & diaphragm, palpitations, N/V, dizziness – good for post nasal drip. T: Greasy P: Slippery Er Chen Tang Zhi Ban Xia, Chen Pi, Fu Ling, ZGC
Enrich and nourish LU/KI,Yin blood Dispel damp,Tran phlegm,Copious white sputum that is easy to expectorate, wheezing, nausea, throat parched, sputum with salty taste T: peeled Yin xu s/s Jin Shui Liu jun jian SHU DI, Er Chen Tang + Dang Gui
Dries damp, Transform phlegm, Direct rebel qi down Calm wheez.resolve exterior in any of 3 yang warp, cough and wheezing with sticky sputum that is easy to expectorate T: thick white c. Liu an Jian Xing Ren, Bai jie Zi + Er chen Tang
Clear fire/ Heat, Resolve phlegm, Tinnitus, hearing loss light head, sens of heavy head, stifl sens and fullness in chest and abdomen, cought with copious sputum, biter taste, urinary and bowel dx, T: red tongue with yellow, greasy c. P: Wiry, slippery Jia Wei Er chen Tang Huang Qin,Huang Lian, Bo He + Er Chen Tang
Which Rx treats phlegm imisting the HE orifices and scours out phlegm, opens the sensory orifices, tonifies qi, T: stiff, greasy P: slippery / speech impediment Di Tang Tang Er Chen Tang + Tan nan xing, zhi shi, shi chang pu, ren shen, zhu ru
which formula strengthen the spleen, dispels damp, transforms phlegm and extinguishes wind s/s D/V, HA, stifl sens in the chest, N/V, copious sputum T: white, greasy, P: wiry, slippery Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang/ ZHI BAN XIA, TIAN MA Bai Zhu, ju hong, fu ling + 3 sweets
which formula for seizures, scours out phlegm, open the sensory orifices, clears HEAT and ext wind, sudden loss or clouding of consciousness, open disorder Ding Xian Wan ZHU LI, tian ma, chuan bei mu, shi chang pu, quan xie, hu po, bai jiang can plus many others
stops coughing, transform phlegm, disperse the exterior and disseminate LU qi, coughing with/or without chills and fever, itchy throat, phlegm dx to expectorate ZHI SOU SAN ZI WAN, BAI BU, jie geng, jing jie, bai qian, gan cao chen pi
this formula is for phlegm dryness and moisten the lungs, clear heat, reg qi, trans phlegm, s/s cough with deep seated sputum that is dfx to expectorate, wheezinG, dry and sore throat T: Red&dry,white P:rapid thin and strong or slippery Bei Mu Gua luo san BEI MU, gu alou, tian hua fen, fu ling, ju hong, jie geng
cold, thin mucus due to yang xu and ascendant yin/ warms the lungs and transforms congested fluids. focus on cold, cough with profuse sputum that is thin, watery and white with feeling of discom in the chest and diaphragm, chronic T: wh, slip T: Wiry/slp Ling Gan Wu Wei jiang xin tang fu ling, gan cao, gan jian, xi xin, wu wei zi
phlegm cold clogging the lungs with qi stagnation from food stagnation, coughing and wheezing, copious sputum, focal distension,digestive dfx, loss app, T: wh/gre P: slippery San Zi Yang Qin Tang Bai jie zi, zi su zi, lai fu zi good for elderly patients coughing and wheezing.
Which formula resolves damp, reduce generalized edema with a sensation of heaviness and fullness in the epigastrium, regulate qi, strengthen sp, labored and heavy breathing, urinary difficulty T: wh/greasy P: submerged & moderate Wu Pi San Sang bai pi, sheng jiang pi, fu ling pi, chen pi, da fu pi
Which formula treats wind damp or wind edema caused by xu in the ext an invasion of wind and damp, s/s sweating, heavy sens in body, superf edema, and heavy breathing, urinary dfx T: pale P: floating Fang ji Huang Qi Tang HUANG QI, HAN FAN JI, Bai Zhu + 3 sweets
What formula promote urination, drain damp, str SP, Warm Yang, Promote transform fx of Qi? strong thirst but with vomit immed after drink, urinary dfx WU LING SAN: ZE XIE, fu ling, zhu ling, bai zhu, gui zhi
Which formula treats COLD DAMP encumbering the SP & accum of fluids with focal distensi in the epigas and abd, reduce app and semi liquid stools, heavy extremities T: Pale P: relaxed Wei Ling Tang Wu ling san & Ping Wei San
what treats jaundice due to damp heat with damp more than heat signs yin chen wu ling san 2 parts yin chen, 1 part wu ling san
What treats urinary difficulty with fever and thirst WITH desire to drink, diarrhea, cough, nausea, irritability, insomnia. Promote urination, clear heat and nourish yin ZHU LING TANG ZHU LING, fu ling, ze xie, hua shi, e jiao
Which formula treats internal clumping of phlegm heat QING QI HUA TAN TANG dan nan xing, gua lou ren, huang qin, xing ren, zhi shi + Er chen Tang
Which formula treat clumping in the cheat with focal distension with or wo nodules in the chest and epigastrium that are painful when pressed, cough up viscuous yellow sputum, constipatin, bitter taste XIAO XIAN XIONG TANG GUA LOU, HUAN LIAN, BAN XIA
which formula drains fire and drives out phlegm? Gu Tan Wan mengshi, da huang, huang qin, chen xiang
What formula treats phlegm damp in the channels with joint dyfx s/s general joint and body aches, tight ehest and back, numb limbs, ice cold sens in the mid to upper back P: submerged and slippery Qing shi hua tan tang --
What formula treats external contracted WARM DRYNESS with thirst, HA, dry hacking cough or one with thick, scanty sputum usually occuring in early autumn Sang xing tang SANG YE, XING REN, zhi zi, dan dou chi, zhe bei mu, sha shen, li pi
what formula treats early stage QI level damp warmth epidemic DO? resolves damp, transforms turbidity, CHRT GAN LU XIAO DU DAN HUANG QIN, HUA SHI, YIN CHEN, lian qiao, bo he, she gan, chuan bei mu, mu tong, shi chang pu, bai dou kou, huo xiang
Which formula treats early stage damp warthm dz or summerheat warmth dz lodged in the protective and qi levels with DAMP predominant- wen bing infection. focus on restore qi dynamic, disseminate the qi, facilitate the qi mec, clear DH san ren tang XING REN, BAI DOU KOU, YI YI REN, hou po, zhi ban xia, tong cao, dan zhu ye, hua shi
what formula clears DH lodged in the LJ with prfuse viscous fishy smelling red and white vaginal discharge due to DH. cl heat dry damp and retain essence Yu dai wan CHUN PI, BAI SHAO, gao liang jiang, huang bai
Which formula clears heat, transforms phlegm, softens harness and disperses clumping with nodules on the neck that are firm and rubbery in consistency Xiao Luo Wan XUAN SHEN, mu li, zhe bei mu
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