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CS test 2

Computer Science test 2

Field (p. 522) (in Vehicle maintenance, items like Make, Model, expense amount)
Data Type (p. 522) – (in Vehicle maintenance, we used text and numeric and date)
Records (p. 523) an group of related fields for an entity (like a car or an expense) – makes up a row of a table.
Table (p. 523) a group of related records (as in all the vehicles or all the expenses or all your customers).
Relations (p. 524 and 534) a grouping of similar data between tables. For example, we related each vehicle to its expenses thus relating the vehicle and expense tables. Structures that are used in databases:
Forums (p. 528)– this is a screen window or set of windows for inputting or editing data. It allows for data validation and range checking (p. 528)
Reports (p. 533) list of data to output, often to a printer. There are two main components: the layout (where you indicate which fields and labels will show where) and the associated query to supply the data the report will show.
Query (p. 532) - a new table that is the result of a question (that may be complex). Many of the tables use are queries built from the original raw data tables. This is usually the area with the most points on this test.
database A Database is a collection of related data
3 key things that must be specified for every query 1. Which fields (from which tables) do you want? 2. What is the criteria? (Example, customers who owe more than $5,000 and haven’t paid anything in the last 30 days or …) 3. Sort order of the output.
Network (p. 308) 2 or more computers communicating
internet small 2 or more networks communicating
Big Internet The Internet is hardware with protocols. It is made up of computers, routers, wiring, protocols, etc. The World Wide Web is software. It is made of programs and data running on the network hardware
Network architectures (2) P2P – Peer to Peer – examples – music sharing and many home networks Client-server define client and define server
IP addressing where every machine has a 32 bit numeric address.
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