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paintes and painting

painting: Las Meninas give the artist Diego Velazquez
name the painter of the famous painting of a man holding his face intitled "the scream" Edvarrd Munch
name the painter of this Painting-on dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomengranate a second before awakening Salvador Dali
A depiciton of the christian religon crucifixion of jeasus on a 3d type cross while suspended in mid air intitled Crucifixion name the artist Salvador Dali
a painting of a naked woman and 2 men sitting talking while near by sitts a blue blanket with fruit and bread lying spilling out of a basket painted by Edouard Manet give the title of this painting Lunchenon on the grass
a gorry and disturbing dipiction of a person being eaten by a monster painted by Francisco de Goya name the painting Saten devouring his children
Peter Rubens painting that celebrated previously abandoned prince who sparked the Trojan war name the painting The Judgement of paris
painting of cupid and many women wearing see through dresses and 2 men all standing in a orchird with what seems to be the goddes of love name this painting by Sandro Botticelil Primavera
painter of the paintings the Elphants, the Prescitance of Memory ,and Crucifixtion Salvador Dali
know for his space geometric paintings like black square and his series white on white name this artist Kasimir Malevich
Painted by Rene Magritte a depiction of a wine glass sitting in a feild nestling in the top of it is a white cloud that seems to not touch anything but the rim of the top of the clear stemed glass name this painting La corde sensible
Name this timeless glassic by Grant Wood that has been adapted and recreated by artists everywere dipicting a man and his wife standing in front of there barn: the man holding a pich fork as the woman stands slightly behind him in a blue and fushia dress American Gothic
give the artist of the painting The Birth of venus Sandro Barchellti