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APD - Chapter 18

Anatomy, Physiology, and Disease: Chapter 18

DNA Fingerprinting compare an unknown sample to a known sample
Geriatric older patients
Polypharmacy Taking many drugs at the same time
Chemotherapy chemicals to destroy rapidly dividing cells.
Radiation use of energy waves to target cancer cells
Biological Therapy Manipulating the body to defend itself against cancer
Sexually Transmitted Disease disease spread by sexual contact
Melanoma skin cancer
Colonoscopy using an endoscope to view the colon
Mammography screening for breast cancer
Bone scouring is an indication of: a. tuberculosis
Which nerve is damaged in carpal tunnel syndrome? a. Median
What bone fragment, showing evidence of primitive surgery, was found in a 400-year-old trash dump. a. Skull
Who was Josef Mengele? d. The Angel of death responsible for the deaths of many humans during World War II.
According to your text, what substance containing thallium, was intentionally and secretly fed to the victim, causing death? a. Rat Poison
Which of the following is true about fingerprints? b. They are only fully formed between the first and second year of life.
DNA fingerprinting helped determine that Thomas Jefferson, The Third President of the United States, or a relative: c. Fathered children of his slave
In the elderly, what changes are seen in the taste buds? c. Sweet tastes become less discernable than bitter tastes
Although bone loss occurs in both men and women, the highest percentage bone loss in women can be seen: b. In the first 5 years postmenopause
As we Age: b. Cardiac output decreases
What is bone scouring d. The destruction of smooth bone surfaces as a result of colonization of bacteria
In forensic science, which anatomical structure is examined for evidence of tuberculosis? d. End of long bones
In the elderly, changes in the integumentary system include: d. All of the Above; Increased skin delicacy, loss of elasticity, multiple lesions
Stress: c. Is good and necessary, but chronic stress may be problematic
Beneficial in maintaining healthy bones, what is recommended? d. a and b; Calcium and vitamins, weight bearing exercises
What may cause carpal tunnel syndrome? d. Repetitive motion such as playing the piano
For optimum health, how much water is recommended per day. b. 8 glasses
What technique was initially used to confirm that Wolfgang Gerhard was really Josef Mengele? a. Video skull0face superimposition
Which of the following has/have an adverse effect on the cardiovascular system? d. All of the above; alcohol, smoking, saturated fats
Why can high doses of Vit. A, D, E, and K actually harm the body? c. They can build up to a toxic level
What is needed in order to identify a criminal suspect through DNA fingerprinting? b. Both DNA from a crime scene and a known DNA sample.
The simplest and most effective way to stop spread of infections: b. wash hands
An antibiotic cream or tablet is what kind of agent? d. antibacterial
Which of the following is/are considered diuretics? b. Caffeinated coffee
The ability to roll your tongue is: c. An inherited trait
Vit. A c. Recommended for proper night vision
Calcium d. Raw material for bones and teeth
Vit. B1 g. Needed for Carbohydrate metabolism and normal digestion and appetite
Vit. B12 h. To treat pernicious anemia
Vit. C j. Aids in the absorption of iron
Niacin b. Facilitate fat synthesis and glycolysis
Vit. E e. Needed for hemolytic resistance of RBC's
Vit. K i. Needed for proper blood clotting
Vit. D a. Aids in the absorption of calcium from the gut
Folic Acid f. Need to prevent spina bifida
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