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(CK)Old Yeller Voc 3

(CK) Old Yeller Vocabulary Part 3

balked stopped or refused to go on It was down in the bottom of this gully that the hogs _____.
flustered upset and confused Mama looked a little _____, like she didn't know what to do with me.
fretful complaining; discontented For days Travis lay in bed acting _____.
hurtling moving with great speed One buzzard was _____ down at a dive, his ugly head out-stretched, his wings all but shut against his body.
mournful extremely sad As Travis left to return to the cabin for help, he heard a _____ howl.
refuge shelter Old Yeller took _____ from the hogs behind a boulder.
searing burning the surface of something A _____ pain shot up into my body after a slashing tush caught me in the calf of my right leg.
slack weak or loose I'd heard that if a pup didn't holler when you held him up by the _____ hide of his neck, he was sure to turn out to be a gritty one.
squeamish easily sickened or disgusted Mama had always been _____ about lizards and snakes and bugs and things.
vicious dangerous; violent The bar hogs weren't any more _____ than the boars.
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