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Linux+ Ch1

Familiarizing yourself with linux

Name 5 popular Linux Distros Red Hat Enterprise Linux Fedora Ubuntu Mandriva Debian Slackware Mint
CLI Comman Line Interface
GUI Graphical User Interface
2 common Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) KDE - K Desktop Environment GNOME - GNU Object Model Environment
shell component that interacts with users command interpreter for the Linux System accepts user commands and ensures that the kernel carries them out contains interpretive programming language
bash default linux shell 'bash' opens the bash shell combines C shell and Bourne shells
Bourne original UNIX shell developed by Steve Bourne at Bell Labs Available on all Linux systems 'sh' opens the Bourne shell
C shell designed to support C language development environments designed for more interactive use and less typing 'csh opens the C shell
Korn combination of the C and Bourne Shells Features of C shell wth syntax of Bourne Shell
echo command that displays the current shell 'echo $SHELL' is the command used
more view one page at a time
head displays the first 10 lines of file or log
tail displays the last 10 lines of a file or log
terminal or console CLI mode supports up to 6 terminal sessions in CLI Ctrl+Alt+F1-F6 switches between terminal sessions
shell command format 'command -option argument'
option change or limit the way a command is executed always preceded by a single - or double --
argument also called a command line argument usially a filename or directory that indicates on what the command will operate can be files, directories, commands or command switches
semicolon ';' used at the CLI to perform multiple functions, one after another
date command that displays and allows you to set the date and time
cal displays the calendar for month or year
uptime displays the time since last reboot
load average average CPU utilization
who shows details of user currently logged into a system
whoami displays current logged in account details
hostname displays the FQDN of the system
w displays details of currently logged in users transactions
last displays history of user login and logout
sleep used to pause system activities variable is time defined in seconds
cat displays combines and creates text files frequently used to view small text files
which verify whether the user has the right to execute a command syntax 'which *command*'
init runlevel
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