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Web - HTML

Web - HTML Unit Review

What do you need to have on your computer to view a website? Browser
What are the different ways you can create a website? Web Authoring Software, HTML (notepad), Word, Publisher
When should you use a bulleted list? When listing things of equal importance
How do you change the background color? Add a bgcolor attribute to the Body Tag
What 3 things need to be remembered when saving your document as a web page? No Caps, No Spaces, and .html
What does the / indicate? the closing of a paired tag
Are HTML tags case sensitive? yes, all lowercase
Is the break tag paired? No
What is a heading tag used for? To emphasize text
Is the horizontal Rule tag paired? No
Can Multimedia be embedded in an HTML document? Yes
If I type a space or hit enter to create a blank line in my HTML document it will appear in the browser? No
Which section of an HTML document contains the documents content? Body
Which section of an HTML document contains the title? Head
You must hit enter to get the text inside of paragraph tags to word wrap False
Where is the title displayed? Head
Where does an internal hyperlink take you? To a different webpage within the same website
How would you write a tag that would create a line halfway across the page? hr width=50%
What is the most common browser used? Internet Explorer
Which tag is used to create a hyperlink? a href=filename
What is an Attribute? Additional instructions added to a tag
Which tag creates a table header? th
In a numbered list what tag should each item in the list use? li
What is the tag used to display an image in a website? img src=filename
Which heading tag has the largest font size? h1
Where are comments displayed? In the HTML Document Only
What is the default alignment for HTML content? Left
What are the tags used in the structure of an HTML document? HTML, Head, Title, Body
What is the file extension that must be used when saving the notepad document? .html
Where are attributes found? Within the brackets of the opening tag
Created by: mryan396