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Call of Duty terms

A list of Call of Duty items

Charlie Domination Point/Spawn C Dom
Alpha Domination Point/Spawn A Dom
Bravo Domination Point/Spawn B Dom
Two teams against each other based on kills Team Death Match
Two teams trying to capture 3 flags Alpha Bravo and Charlie Domination
Two massive teams playing Team Death Match or Domination Ground War
Two teams trying to capture one point that changes Headquarters
One team trys to blow up the other team's base Each player has one life per round Search and Destroy
Mid to Long range weapon low damage low recoil high firing rate Assault Rifle
Long range weapon with high zoom scope Sniper Rifle
Short range Machine Gun that uses pistol rounds Sub Machine Gun
Mid to Long range Machine gun High damage high recoil low firing rate Light Machine Gun
Short range gun that shoots multiple bullets Shotgun
Short range fully automatic pistol Machine Pistol
semi-automatic gun useful for when out of ammo Pistol
Either a rocket that can lock-on to aircraft or not lock-on and shoot at people or shoots a grenade Launcher
Player who sits in a corner and shoots people Camper
When you reach a certain level and start over to get better stuff Prestige
A group of gametypes that have no hud and increased damage Hardcore
Explosive mine that blows up when enemies are near Claymore
Created by: whale460