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Holes context

What was the name of Harriet Beecher Stowe's anti-slavery novel? Uncle Tom's Cabin.
What was the name of the USA's first black law school? Howard University.
What did the Dred Scott case rule about slaves? It said they were not American citizens.
What happened to the leader of the big 1931 slave rebellion? He was hanged.
What was the name of the violent racist group formed in 1865? The Ku Klux Klan.
What game is baseball a bit like? Rounders.
What is 'pitching' a ball? Throwing it.
How many strikes does a batter have to get to be out? Three.
When a batter makes it all the way to the third base, what is it called? A triple.
Instead of 'points', batters score... Runs.
To what country can the word 'thug' be traced? India.
What was the common name for the place where the outlaws operated? The Wild West.
In what century was there a craze in America where people were interested in outlaw gangs? The 19th or the 1800s.
What was Billy the Kid's real name? Henry McCarty.
In what year was Billy the Kid arrested, tried and convicted? 1881.
When did boot camps for young offenders start to become popular in the USA? The 1980s.
How long are typical boot camp programmes? 2-8 weeks.
What sort of age are most offenders at boot camps? Mid-teens.
What are 'mid-range' offenders? Ones who have committed small crimes but other punishments haven't worked on them.
What's usually the minimum amount of time spent on education per day at a boot camp? Three.
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