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Final Exam test 6

Kriz A+

1. What does DOS stand for? a. diskless operating system b. disk operations system c. disk operating system d. dirty old shoes c. disk operating system
2. what does GUI stand for? a. graded unit instance b. graphical user interface c. graphical unit instruction d. glitzy user interface b. graphical user interface
3. which of the following is the earliest windows OS? a. XP b. 2000 c. vista d. 98 SE d. 98 SE
4. the mac os is sbased on what previous operating system? a. system 360 b. unix c. minix d. DOS b. unix
5. the windows kernel is composed ofwhat two parts? a. the HAL and executive services b. the HAL and the shell c. the shell and executive services d. registry files and the HAL a. the HAL and executive services
6. windows vista ultimate includes... a. the aero user interface b. the aility to use group policy c. shadow copyy policy d. every windows vista feature d. every windows vista feature
7. which of the following can be used to install an operating system? a. CD b. DVD c. USB flash drive d. any of the above d. any of the above
8. which of the following is NOT a true version of windows 7? a. starter b. enterprise c. media center edition d. home basic c. media center edition
9. which of the following is an installation method which allows you to create an exact copy of an existing installation? a. clone
10. a network installation requires which of the following? a. a distribution server b. the usmt c. a peer to peer network d. a global account a. a distribution server
11. HAL is short for hardware abstraction layer true
12. a driver must be written for a particular OS to work true
13. windows 2000 was the first OS to be 64 bit false
14. most windows configuration is stored in the registry true
15. the shell is the portion of the OS that relates to the user and to applications true
16. an answer file can be used to help create an unattended installation true
17. all versions of windows 7 64 bit come on a single disk true
18. the USMT allows you to create cloned OS images false
19. activation prevents software from running on more than one computer true
20. the 64 bit verion of windows 7 can only support 4 GB of RAM false
21. what is a service pack a service pack is a major update that contains all previous updates
22. what is the taskbar in windows the task bar is the bar where your system tray displays and where the windows or "start" menu can be found
23. what does the control panel do for a windows user the control panel allows users to make system, settings, or hardware changes
24. list one reason to use a 64 bit OS instead of a 32 bit OS one reason a 64 bit OS is preferred over a 32 bit OS is because it can handle twice the information, making it twice as fast
25. list one type of valid installation media one way to install an OS is with a thumb drive with the OS files on it. Must make drive bootable
26. describe the four major functions of an operating system The four main functions of the OS are user interface, file interface, hardware interface, and system interface
27. what is the difference between the following three types of installation: upgrade, clean, install, dual boot The difference between upgrades, clean installs and dual boots is this: upgrades replace the current OS with the newer OS; clean installs format the hard drive and then installs the OS; a dual boot is a system that has two bootable operating systems
28. stewie griffin is a psychotic baby on which popular animated television series? family guy
Created by: mikejcaputo