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T1 Lumiere PMS Pts

T1 PMS points Lumiere Bastyr

GB 41 Classification: Shu-stream point 
Master point of the dai mai meridian
GB 41 Indications: Migraine Eye redness and pain Sub-costal pain Scrofula Malaria PMS related breast tenderness, mastitis Irregular menses
GB 41 Functions: Moves liver qi, soothes liver qi Regulates dai mai Benefits the eyes and breasts
Sj 6 Classification: Jing-river point
Sj 6 Indications: Constipation Tinnitus, deafness Subcostal pain W/ GB 34 qi stagnation in the chest
Which Kd points are special for Qi, Yin and Yang Kid 3 for Qi Kid 6 for Yin Kid 7 for Yang
Lu 7 Classification: Luo connecting point Master point of Ren channel Command point of head and neck
Lu 7 Indications: Head and neck problems: migraines (central and one-sided), headaches caused by exogenic pathogens, neck rigidity, facial paralysis, toothache, sore throat, cough, asthma, nasal problems Urogenital system problems: pain in penis, hematuria, spermatorrhe
Lu 7 Functions: Releases the exterior Expels exterior wind Descend lung qi Benefits head and neck area Benefits bladder
KI 6 Classification: Master point of the yin qiao
KI 6 Indications: Irregular menses, bloody leukorrhea Uterine prolapse Urinary retention Constipation Dry, sore throat Night sweats Convulsions Eye disorders
KI 6 Functions: Tonifies kidney yin Clear deficiency heat Regulates the yin qiao vessel Calms shen Benefits the throat, and eyes
KI 7 Classification: Jing-river point
KI 7 Indications: Edema Abdominal distention, diarrhea Fever, night sweats Lower extremity pain or numbness
KI 7 Functions: Tonifies kidney qi and yang Clears damp Regulates sweating
PC 7 Classification: Yuan-source point Shu-stream point
PC7 Indications: Chest, subcostal, and gastric pain Palpitations Vomiting Mania
PC 7 Functions: Opens chest Clears heart heat Regulates heart qi Harmonizes stomach Calms the shen
DU 24 Location: 0.5 cun above the midpoint of the anterior hairline
DU 24 Classification: Crossing point of Du, UB and ST channels
DU 24 Indications: Headache Vertigo Epilepsy Insomnia, palpitations Rhinorrhea
DU 24 Functions: Dispels wind Opens the nose Calms the shen
Created by: bastyr41