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Rancho Los Amigos S

Levels of Cognitive Functioning

Level I No Response: Total Assistance Appears to be in deep sleep Completely Unresponsive to stimuli
Level II Generalized Response: Total (A) Reacts Inconsistently & nonpurposefully to stimuli Responses may be physiological changes, gross body movements &/or vocalization Earliest response may be to deep pain
Level III Localized Response: Total Assistance Reacts specifically but inconsistently to stimuli-head turning toward sound, withdrawal to pain May follow simple commands but in delayed & inconsistent manner - closing eyes, squeezing or extending E
Level IV Confused-Agitated: Max (A) Hightened activity-decreased ability to deal w/ info, detached from present, bizarre behavior, may cry out or scream, aggressive,verbalization incoherent,short attn span, may be able to sit, reach. shift from euphoric to agitat
Level V Confused-Inappropriate, Nonagitated:Max (A) Appears alert, able to respond to simple commands, responses are nonpurposeful & random in complex situations,highly distractable, lacks attn to task & needs redirection,wanders, performs selfcare w/ (A)
Level VI Confused-Appropriate: Mod (A) Goal-directed, but depends on external direction,response to discomfort appropriate, tolerates unpleasant stimuli,follows simple direction,less supervision w/familiar tasks,little caryover for net learning, delayed response,
Level VII Automatic-Appropriate: Min (A)for Daily Living Skills Appropriate & oriented,completes daily routine but almost robotic,increased awareness of self fam foods,carryover for new learning at decreased rate,min supervision for safety,
Level VIII Purposeful & Appropriate: SBA Rec & integrates past & present events,1 hr attn span in familiar tasks,(I) within physical capability in home,community&driving, shows impairment compared to PL, irritable, self-centered, depressed,recognized inappropriate
Level IX Purposeful & Appropriate: SBA on request Performs ADL's (I),shifts tasks for 1 hrs,uses assistive memory devices,thinks of consequences w SBA,depresion may continue, aware of problems that interfere w/performance
Level X Purposeful & Appropriate: Mod (I) Multi-tasks in all environments, initiates assistive memory devices (I),performs new activities-may need more time,recognizes needs of others, estimates ability & ability accurately, lowered tolerance for frustration
Created by: sheilaaf
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