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Russia timeline

A2 History 1864-1964

When did the Crimean War begin? 1854
What ended in 1856? The Crimean War
When did Alexander II issue his manifesto for emancipation of the serfs? 1861
Which local government body was established in 1864? Zemstva
Judicial reforms, including the right to a fair trial, were established by which ruler? When? Alexander II, 1864
When was the state bank founded? 1860
When was the assassination attempt on Alexander II's life which led to his swing to the right? 1866
Which reforms did General Loris-Melikov suggest in 1881? Establishment of a national zemstvo
Who assassinated Alexander II, and when? Members of the People's Will, on 1 March 1881
When was the Safeguard System introduced? August 1881
When did the Safeguard System end? February 1917
Who was responsible for the policy of Russification, implemented from 1881? Pobedonostsev
What was the third element of the slogan "Autocracy, Orthodoxy and..."? Nationality
Who established Russification initially in Poland after an uprising? When? Alexander II in 1863
When were restrictions put on Jews, for example on jobs and places to live? 1882
Over what period did pograms happen in Russia, especially in Poland, the Ukraine and South-Western Russia? 1881-1905
Which minister's policy aimed at improving the Russian economy led to famine in 1891-2? Vyshnegradsky
When did Witte's push for industrialisation start? 1893
When was the factory inspectorate set up as part of Witte's reforms? 1882
What was set up in 1885 to ease pressure on peasants? The Peasants' Land Bank
When did Nicholas II come to the throne? 1894
On what date did 'Bloody Sunday' happen? 9 January 1905
When was the October Manifesto published? 17 October 1905
Who was Witte replaced by in April 1905? Stolypin
What was annulled in 1906? Redemption dues
Who did Russia ally with in 1907? Britain and France
Who was assassinated on 28 June 1914? Archduke Franz Ferdinand
During which period did the defeats at Masurian Lakes and Tannenburg happen? August 1914- September 1915
When did Nicholas II take direct control of the command of the armed forces? 1915
Who was murdered by a prince in 1916? Rasputin
How much was the army ration in November 1917? 2000 calories
On what date did the February revolution of 1917 begin? 23rd
When did Tsar Nicholas II abdicate? 2 March 1917
Who initially led the Provisional Government? Prince Lvov
Who took over as leader of the Provisional Government on 21 July 1917? Alexander Kerensky
Which failure led to the uprising known as the July Days? The summer offensive
When did Lenin return from exile in Switzerland? 3 April 1917
Which alleged attempt at an armed coup led Kerensky to arm the Bolsheviks in August? The Kornilov Affair
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