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2011-2012 Vocab 5

vocab 5

Insert/typeover key A toggle key; insert is default. Use by moving insertion point to where you want to insert text. Insert new text is inserted. Typeover replaces original text.
Autocorrect Feature that detects and correct some typing, spelling, and capitalization errors automatically. Can be undone by hovering over change and selecting undo option.
Clipboard Home/clipboard. Storage place for material that is cut or copied.
Undo/Redo Undo reverses last action. Redo undoes last undo. Located on quick access toolbar or use CTRL + Z
CTRL +A Keyboard shortcut to select the entire document.
Selecting a paragraph Triple click anywhere within the paragraph.
Help An online user's manual on how to use your software. In Office, click the ? icon in top right section of window.
Keep on top/not on top icon A button (looks like a push pin) in the help window that allows you to keep the help window on top of your document.
Screen tip Pop-up description that gives the purpose of buttons on the ribbon.
Margin Blank space at top, bottom, and sides of document; microsoft default is 1 inch top, bottom, and sides. Page layout/Page setup/Margins
Line Spacing Feature used to change the amount of white space left between lines of text. ☺Home/Paragraph/Line Spacing
Font A combination of ☺typeface - the look of the font; Examples are Segoe UI, Tahoma, Verdana, and Arial ☺point size - the size of the font; roughly 1/72 inch ☺attributes - Ex. bold or italic
Serif/sans serif ☺Serif refers to small turns that often finish the strokes of letters in a typeface; EX - Times New Roman ☺Sans serif has no serifs; EX Arial
Hyphenation Page Layout/Page Setup/Hyphenation Feature that automatically divides (hyphenates) words that would normally wrap to the next line; creates more even right margin.
Horizontal Alignment Home/Paragraph/Select alignment type ☺Left alignment starts text at the left margin. ☺Right alignment starts text at the right margin. ☺Center alignment centers text between the left and right margins. ☺Justify alignment - even left and right margins
Tabs View Ruler Home/Paragraph/dialog box launcher/Tabs (bottom left) ☺MO default is left tab every 1/2 in. Used to indent text & arrange text in columns.
Text Wrapping Break SHIFT + enter ☺Removes extra space after paragraphs ☺Used in letters when typing addresses with MO default settings
Interoffice Memo Written messages used by employees within an organization to communicate with one another
Memo heading Labels are all caps Use tabs to align names, date, subject TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT:
Reference initials Your initials when you are typing correspondence for someone else ☺SS below body ☺lowercase ☺no space or punctuation
Autocorrect box ☺When you type reference initials, first initial automatically capitalized ☺ Place insertion point on the initial until the auto correct box appears & select Undo automatic capitalization
Interoffice memo spacing ☺2 inch top margin ☺ 1 inch side and bottom margin
Interoffice memo margins ☺2 inch top margin ☺ 1 inch side and bottom margin
Attachment notation ☺ At left margin, SS below reference initials (or lat line) of body if no initials ☺ Used when another document is attached to the memo
Enclosure notation ☺ At left margin, SS below reference initials (or lat line) of body if no initials ☺ Used when another document is sent with the memo but not attached to the memo
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