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Nonfiction Review

nonfiction review practice

fact information which can be proven
opinion information which is based on feelings or emotions & can't be proven
persuade to convince readers to feel or think a certain way
inform to explain or give information/facts
entertain tells a story (emotion)
cause the reason why something happens
effect what actually happens as a result of something else
informative article provides facts about a subject; can be found in newspapers, magazines, & on the internet
summary re-telling a story in a shorter version in your own words
character traits qualities of a character's personality
character motives the reasons why a character does what they do
predict making a guess about what will happen next in a story
biography a story about someone's life written by someone else
autobiography a story about someone's life written by himself or herself
main idea what the story is mostly about
chronological order in order of how things happened in time
author's purpose the reason why an author writes
symbolism something that stands for or represents something else
essay a short composition usually about a single subject
dictionary a reference which is used to find word meanings, origins, and pronunciations
interview a formal meeting in which one or more persons questions another person
web page an internet site which deals with a certain company, subject, or person
manual a small book or brochure giving instructions on how to operate or use a product
speech a form of communication or a written work meant to be delivered in public
review a critical article or report evaluating a movie, play, tv show, etc.
letter a written or printed communication addressed to a person or organization and usually sent by mail
setting time and place of a story
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