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2004-2005 QBPN

04-05 Quiz Bowl Practice Notes

Wrote The Miser and Le Tartouffe Molliere
Rousseau and Milet were members of this artistic school Barbizan School
Senate debates featuring Secretary of State who ended Aristoc War Hane-Webster Debates
FDR speech in which he said "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." First Inaugural Address (1933)
Leader of America First Charles Lindbergh
Wrote Ariel Sylvia Plath
Discovered electromagnetic waves Hertz
Wrote All Quiet on the Western Front Eric Maria Remarque
Japanese Emperor whose name means "enlightened government" Meiji
Japanese Emperor also know as Emperor Showa Hirohito
Chinese Peasants battled Manchu Rule in this bloodiest of all Manchu rebellions Tai-ping Rebellion
1857 Indian Rebellion against British rule Sepoy Mutiny
Japanese Emperor who drafted the Majee Constitution after visiting Europe Ito
Chronicled the reign of Napoleon,painted "The Horatii" David
Wrote The Yearling Marjorie Kinnan Rallings
Wrote The Magnificent Ambersons Booth Tarkington
Lady Brett Ashley is a character from what work The Sun Also Rises
Van Buren became President in what year 1836
What election featured the headline "Dewey defeats Truman" 1948
Roman Procurator of Judea at death of Christ Pontius Pilate
Emperor of Rome in 4 B.C. Tiberius
First Triumverate of Rome Julius Caesar, Pompey, Crassus
Second Triumverate Octavian, Antony, Lepidus
3rd Roman Emperor Calligula
4th Roman Emperor Claudius
5th Roman Emperor Nero
Peter and Paul died under his Roman Rule Nero
Name of the Inn in The Canterbury Tales Tabard Inn
Wrote Tales from the Wayside Inn Longfellow
He and his son were marooned - ship name = "The Blue Moon" Hudson
French explorer; founded Detroit Cadillac
Professions of Marquette and Joliet Marquette = Jesuit, Joliet = Fur trader
Cordell Hull and Frances Perkins were members of his cabinet FDR
City in IL founded by the Mormons Nauvoo
Founded Rhode Island Roger Williams
Name of Mary Baker Eddy's book on Christian Science Science and Health with a Key to the Scriptures
Location of Christian Science "Mother Church" Boston
Formerly called Northern Rodesia Zambia
Formerly called Southern Rodesia Zimbabwe
Capital of Zimbabwe Harrare
Formerly called Gold Coast Ghana
Wrote "Grass" Carl Sandburg
1805 Napolean Battle talked about in the poem "Grass" Austerlitz
Wrote Dictionary of the English Language Samuel Johnson
Biographer of Samuel Johnson Boswell
German founder of Calculus Leibnitz
Wrote The Human Comedy de Balzac
Wrote The Leather Stocking Tales James Fennimore Cooper
Created by: vojoker