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Essentials 220-701

Chapter 14 Learning Portable Computing

Aspect Ratio camparison of screen width to screen height
matte an industry standard for many years and offered a good trade-off between richness of colors and reflection or glare, washed out alot of bright colors
high glare offers sharper contrast, richer color, and wider viewing angles when compared to the matte screens.
laptop Tradional clamshell portable computing device with built-in LCD monitor, keyboard, and trackball
desktop replacement Portable computer that offers the same performance as a full-fledged desktop computer; these systems are normally very heavy tpo carry and often cost much more more than the desktop system the replace.
TrackPoint a joystick the size of a pencil earser, situated in the center of the keyboard.
touchpad a flat, touch sensitive pad just in front of the keyboard.
desktop extender portable device that don't replace the desktop but rather extend it by giving you a subset of features of the typical desktop that you can take away from the desk.
personal digital assistants (PDAs) tiny handheld portable computing device that hold such data as your address book, appointment schedules, music, movies, and mnore.If they have calling capablities then they are called smartphones.
stylus Pen-like input device used for pen-based communication
pen-based computing Input method used by many PDAs that contain handwriting recognition with modified mouse functions, usually in the form of a pen-like stylus.
Cellular WAN Technology that allows laptops and other mobile devices to access the Internet over a cell phone network.
Tablet PC Small portable computer distinguished by the use of a touch screen with stylus and handwriting recognition as the primary modes of input. Also the name of the Windows XP-based operating system designed to run on such systems.
Ni-Cd (nickel-cadmium) Battery that was used in the first portable PCs. Heavy and inefficient, these batteries also suffered from a memory effect that could drastically shorten the overall life of the battery.
Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) Battery used in portable PCs. Ni-MH had fewer issues with memory effect than Ni-Cd batteries. Ni-MH have been replaced by lithium-ion batteries.
Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Battery commonly used in portable PCs. Li-Ion batteries don't suffer form the memory effect of Ni-Cd batteries and provide much more power for a greater length of time.
Fuel cells Power source that uses chemical reaction to produce electricity.Lightweight, compact, and stable devices expected to replace batteries as the primary power source for portable PCs.
battery memory the tendency of a Ni-Cd battery to lose a significant amount of it rechargeability if it was charged repeatedly without being totally discharged.
conditioning charger Battery charger that contains intelligent circuitry that prevents portable batteries from being overcharged and damaged.
smart battery tells the computer when they need to be charged, conditioned, or replaced.
SMM (system management mode) Special CPU mode that enables the CPU to reduce power consumption by selectively shutting down peripherals.
APM (advanced power management) BIOS routines that enabled the CPU to turn selected peripherals on or off.
ACPI (Advanced configuration and power Interface) Power management specification that far surpasses its predecessor, APM, by providing support for hot-swappable devices and better control for power modes.`
hibernation Power management setting in which all data from RAM is written to the hard drive before going to sleep. Upon waking up, all information if retrieved from the hard drive and returned to the RAM.
sleep timers custom power scheme
auto-switching supplies detect the voltage at the outlet and adjust accordingly.
PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) Consortium of computer manufacturers who devised the PC Card standard for credit-car-sized adapter car that add functionality in many netbook computers,PDAs, and other computer devices
PC Cards credit card-sized devices that enhanced and extend the functions of a portable PC.
16-bit Parallel PC Card 16-bit,5-V cards than can have up to two distinct functions or devices, such as a modem/network card combination.
Cardbus PC Card 32-bit,3.3V cards that can have up to eight(!) functions on a single card.
ExpressCard high-performance serial version of the PC Card, has begun to replace PC Cards slots on newer laptop PCs.
socket service device drivers that support the PC Card socket, enabling the system to detect when a PC Card has been inserted or removed, and providing the necessary I/O device.
card services recognizes the function of a particular PC Card and provides the specialized drivers necessary to make the card work.
Mini PCI specialized form of PCI designed for use in laptops.
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