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Va SOL quiz bowlAnswers
Where did the Scotch, Irish and Germans first settle in Virginia? Shenandoah Valley
Why were African slaves brought to Virginia? They were a cheap source of labor
What was exported from the colony to England? Raw materials (such as wood).
What did the Virginia Colony depend on from England? Give examples of this Manufactured goods - such as clothes, furniture, tools, and china
What did the charters granted by England to the Virginia Company contain? 1.) the right to establish colony in North America, 2.) English rights for colonists, and 3.) an allowed representative form of government.
What were the 3 American Indian language groups living in Virginia before European settlers arrived? Algonquian, Siouan, and Iroquoian.
Which Native American group lived in the Coastal Plain Region? Algonquin (Included Powhatan tribe)
Which Native American group lived in the Allegheny Plateau? Iroquois (Cherokee)
What skills did the Virginia Indians teach the settlers? Survival skills - hunting, fishing, trapping and planting corn.
Before establishing the Jamestown Colony, where had the English tried to settle? Roanoke Island (Lost Colony).
What English company established the first permanent settlement in Virginia? Virginia Company of London
Why did the Virginia Company of London establish a colony in Virginia? It was an economic venture (to make money) and Increase land holdings for England?
In what year was the Jamestown Colony established? 1607
Name three features that attracted the Englishmen to the Jamestown site? The good harbor, natural resources, and because it was easy to defend.
What Jamestown leader established trading with the Powhatans? John Smith
How did the Powhatan people and the English settlers interact after John Smith had formed a good relationship with the Powhatan tribe? They traded and were friendly toward each other.
List three of the items used for trade by the settlers? Tools, guns, and beads.
What did the Powhatans trade with the settlers? Food, furs and leather.
Why did the relationship between the settlers and Native Americans change? Powhatans realized English were here to stay
How did agriculture affect the Virginia colony? It became an important source of wealth in Virginia's economy.
Whose laws were the Virginia Colony expected to obey? England's laws.
What became the first representative government in Virginia Colony? The General Assembly, also known as the Virginia House of Burgesses.
Why was the House of Burgesses important to the colonists? The settlers could control their own government.
In what year did the brides and indentured servants arrive in Virginia? 1619 - 1620
How did the arrival of women affect Jamestown? It established more permanence ("here to stay" families) because families were formed.
Which Native American Group lived in the Piedmont Region? The Sioux.
In addition to the English, what other European groups settled in Virginia? The Scotch, the Irish and the Germans.
What was the difference between slaves and indentured servants? Indentured servants worked to payoff debt and were free to work for themselves. Slaves were property of masters.
What was the cash crop cultivated by plantation owners to help the economy of Colonial virginia? Tobacco.
How did the Scotch, Irish and Germans help the economic growth of virginia? They established farms west of the Blue Ridge.
What were two major conflicts between the Virginia Colony and England? Taxes and no colonial representation in Great Britain's government called the Parliament.
What is a boycott? When the colonies refused to buy or trade products with England because of unfair taxes.
What is bartering? Exchanging goods and products without exchanging money.
What agricultural crop was used in the same way as money? Tobacco
How was credit used during colonial times? Some colonists were able to buy goods and services and pay their debts later when crops were harvested.
What important idea about government did Thomas Jefferson include in the Declaration of Independence? The right to govern belongs to the people instead of kings; all people are created equal and have right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
In order to gain independence from England, Virginians, as part of 13 colonies had to fight England. What was this war called? the Revolutionary War.
Who was the Commander-in-chief of the Continental Army? George Washington.
What were colonists called that were loyal to England? Loyalists (or Tories)
Which African American man fought against England and hleped the Continental Army? James Armistead Lafayette.
What were some Africans promised if they fought in the war? They were promised their freedom.
Beside the Africans and men fighting on the battlefields, what other group took on more responsiblility during the fight for independence? Women.
What important document expressed the importance of colonial independence from England? The Declaration of Independence.
Who was the Virginian who was the author of the document expressing the reasons for colonial independence from England? Thomas Jefferson.
What Virginian expressed his ideas for freedom from England in many speeches; among them, the "Give me liberty or give me death" speech? Patrick Henry.
Where did the Revolutionary War end? Yorktown.
Name two reasons why George Washington is referred to as the "Father of our country"? He showed strong leadership (both military and presidential) and was the first president.
Who was the "Father of the Constitution, a Virginian and the 4th president? James Madison
Who was another Virginian who wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights? George Mason
The Virginia Declaration of Rights became the basis for what other document? The Bill of Rights.
Who wrote the Statute for Religious Freedom? Thomas Jefferson
What did the Statute for Religious Freedom state? That all people should worship (go to church) as they please.
Who were abolitionists? They were people against slavery
Following the years after the Revolutionary War, what were the conflicts which developed between northern and southern states? the South relied on slave labor because their economy was based upon agriculture, but the North made their money through industry and did not use slaves.
What slave led a revolt against plantation owners? Nat Turner.
Who was an abolitionist who tried to start a slave rebellion and led a raid on the U.S. Armory in Harpers Ferry, VA? John Brown
What does secede mean? To break away from. (example: Western Virginia seceded from Eastern Virginia.
After Abraham Lincoln became president, some southern states,including Virginia,seceded from,the U.S.A. What new country did these states form? The Confederate states of America
At the battle of Yorktown, who surrendered and lost? England
What was the war fought between the Confederate States of America and the United States of America known as? The Civil War
Who was the Virginian who became the Commanding General of the Conefederate Army? Robert E. Lee
Many Civil War battles were fought on Virginia's soil, what was the first major clash of this war? Battle of Manassas or Battle of Bull Run
Who was a general from Virginia who played a major role in the Battle of Bull Run and became General Lee's "right-hand-man"? Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
During the Civil War, what was the capital of the Confederacy? Richmond, VA
Where did General Robert E. Lee surrender to General Ulysses Grant? Appomattox Court House
what was the time period called after the Civil War when Virginia and other southern states went through a rebuilding period? Reconstruction
How did the Civil War change or affect the economy of Virginia? Money had no value. Banks closed. Railroads, bridges and plantations were destroyed.
Although slavery was no longer allowed in Virginia and other southern states after the civil war, there were several problems faced by slaves. Name three of those problems? Housing, clothing, food and jobs.
In order to help newly freed slaves, what did the U.S. government create? Freedman's bureau
After the Civil War, many plantation owners could not afford to pay their workers, so a system developed for poor white farmers and former slaves who needed jobs and places to live. What was this called? Sharecropping
After Virginia created their new constitution, it included two changes, what were these changes? Black men could vote and slavery was illegal.
In the early part of the 20th Century and extending well into the middle of the 20th Century, African Americans lived, worshipped, owned separate businesses, and attended separate schools from white children.What was this separation called? Segregation.
What were the laws passed by Virginia and other southern states which discriminated against African Americans and created prejudices held by whites? Jim Crow Laws
The Jim Crow Laws prohibited African Americans from doing certain things. List three examples. They prohibited African Americans from riding in the same sections of the bus or the train, eating in the same restaurants, and attending the same public schools.
Am important form of transportation helped the growth of business, agriculture, industry and cities. What was this form of transportation? Railroad
What discovery in Southwest Virginia allowed more people to find jobs? Coal deposits.
There was lots of growth in Virginia during the early 20th century. Many people were traveling more. This caused for our state to need better ______. Roads
After Reconstruction and during the 20th century, Virginia's economy changed from an ______society to a ______society. Agriculture, industrialized.
What area of Virginia grew because of increases in federal jobs? Northern Virginia area.
After World War II many African Americans wanted to have the same or equal rights as other citizens, so many took part in the _____ movement. Civil Rights
Because of the Civil Rights Movement, all public schools which were segregated at that time were ordered to do what? Integrate
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