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(CK)Tuck Voc 15-19

(CK) Tuck Everlasting Vocabulary Ch 15-19

barbarian someone who is savage; uncivilized The man in the yellow suit said, "I'm no ________, you can see that."
ordeal a trial; a difficult situation "Your terrible ________ is over."
cahoots partnership; in league with; alliance "Maybe you're in ________ with the kidnappers, how do I know?"
gallows a frame from which a person is hanged "That's what they do for serious crimes. 'Course, we got a ________ of our own, if we ever need it."
flicking darting; jerking The water was so clear that Winnie could see tiny brown fish near the bottom, ________ this way and that.
threadbare worn; shabby; tattered Winnie could see that indeed his shoulders, under his ________ shirt, were broad and muscled.
fluttering moving in the air; flapping; waving It was the thought of seeing Jesse again that kept Winnie's stomach ________.
lingered waited around; delayed And then her eyes went to Tuck and ________ on his sad, creased face.
magnificent grand; strikingly beautiful or impressive Like all ________ things, it's very simple.
petulance testiness; irritability The man in the yellow suit raised his eyebrows and a nervous ________ came into his voice.
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