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(CK)Tuck10-14 Review

(CK) Tuck Everlasting Chapters 10-14 Review Questions

In Winnie's household, the women have a strong sense of what? The Foster women have a strong sense of duty.
How is the Tucks' house different from Winnie's? The Tucks' house is small and disordered.
How does Mae explain all the unfinished projects in the house? They make things to sell.
When Winnie expresses sympathy for the Tucks never having any friends, how does Mae reply? Mae says that she and Tuck "got each other."
Why does Winnie get upset while eating dinner with the Tucks? She doesn't feel as if she belongs there - everything is done the Tucks' way.
When Mae suddenly recalls passing a man on the road, how does Winnie explain not calling out to him for help? Winnie said that she was too scared to call for help.
While talking to Tuck on the pond, what does Winnie realize is part of life? Winnie realizes that death is actually a part of life.
How does Tuck describe what it is like to be as the Tucks are? Tuck describes their situation as being "rocks beside the road."
What brings Tuck's talk with Winnie to an abrupt end? Tuck and Winnie's conversation comes to a quick end when Miles shouts the alarm that the horse had been stolen.
What does Jesse suggest that Winnie do? Jesse suggests that Winnie should drink the spring water when she is seventeen years old.
Created by: lindajune