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(CK)Tuck Voc 10-14

(CK) Tuck Everlasting Vocabulary Ch 10-14

indomitable unyielding; unconquerable; undefeatable The Foster women had made a fortress out of duty. Within it, they were ________.
lolled lounged; drooped An ancient green-plush sofa ________ alone in the center of the parlor, like yet another mossy fallen log.
cavernous like a cavern, large and hollow There was a washstand with the lonely mirror, and opposite an enormous, ________ oak wardrobe.
mirage an illusion, often of a pool of reflecting water On the old beamed ceiling of the parlor, streaks of light swam and wavered like a bright ________, reflected through the windows from the sunlit surface of the pond.
peculiar unusual; bizarre; odd; strange Winnie would be expected to sleep--all night--in this dirty, strange ________ house.
supremely perfectly; flawlessly The man in the yellow suit seemed ________ nice to her now, a kind of savior.
silty having loose sediment made up of small rocky particles Tuck dipped the oars into the ________ bottom of the pond in one strong pull.
anguish distress; suffering Winnie struggled with the ________ of all these things Tuck told her.
hunched bowed; stooped; bent Winnie could only sit ________ and numb, the sound of the water rolling in her ears.
anxiously worriedly; fearfully Tuck came to check on Winnie, a little later, to peer down at her ________.
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