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JV Quiz Team II

sociology & anthropology

wrote Kon Tiki, story about riding a raft across the Pacific Thor Heyerdahl
called the 'first' sociologist, coined terms sociology & altruism Auguste Comte
French sociologist that wrote about suicide and the division of labor in society Emile Durkheim
popularized the term charisma, advised Germany at Versailles, wrote The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism Max Weber
famous work by James Frazier on mythology & religion The Golden Bough
author of The Hero With a Thousand Faces James Campbell
Thor Heyerdahl did research on this famous Island in the South Pacific Easter Island
Book written about Easter Island Aku Aku The Secret of Easter Island
a societal norm whose violation would cause minor embarrassment folkway
a strongly held norm whose violation would cause severe repercussions more
actions that are so offensive to the society as to result as to result in ostracism taboo
society where the power is centered on a female/male matriarchy/patriarchy
society ruled by the wealthy plutocracy
society ruled by a small group oligarchy
society ruled by one person autocracy
society ruled by the elite aristocracy
society ruled by the people democracy
society ruled by a religious group theocracy
Created by: kcshiker