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e8 u3

unit 3 information for e 8

What is the two word definition for theme? life lesson
What are the four parts of a story that we look at to identify theme? title, big moments, resolution, characters
How many stories are in this unit? 8
Which of the authors in this unit is a member of the Rosebud Sioux indian tribe? Virginia Sneve
What is the name of the great-grandfather in "The Medicine Bag"? Joe Iron Shell
What is the last name of the father in the story "Stop the Sun"? Erickson
Which of the authors in this unit likes to race sled dogs? Gary Paulsen
Which of the characters in the unit had a best friend named Jackson? Mr. Erickson
Which of the authors in the unit is a successful lawyer? Juan Sedillo
The character, Don Anselmo, comes from which of the stories in the unit? The Gentleman of Rio en Medio
At the end of the unit, we studied four stories that had similar themes but different what? genres
Which of the authors from the unit grew up in Chinatown in Los Angeles? Elizabeth Wong
What is the title of the only poem in the unit? How I Learned English
What kind of pen would one use to write an ideograph? A moc but
In what year did the Iranian hostage crisis take place? 1979
Which of the authors in this unit was born in Argyle, Minnesota? Kleihauer
Which of the authors from the unit served as the Attorney General of New Mexico? Sedillo
Which of the authors from the unit was born in Puerto Rico? E. Santiago
How many stories in this unit use the proper name of Barone? 2
What American name did Wong's father choose for Wong's mother? Ruth
What is the name of the main character in "The Medicine Bag"? Martin
Created by: pbracket
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