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Herb: Qi regulator

Qi Regulating Herbs

Ju Pi (yellow-> mature tangerine peel) Acrid,Bitter,Aromatic/Warm/Lu,Sp,St 1.Promotes Qi movement&strngthens Sp. Qi stagnation due to damp or food stagnation 2.Harmonizes St& (vomiting,nausea&hiccups) 3.Dries dampness&trnsfrms phlegm/ damp -phlegm pttrn 4.Chest Bi syn (angina,coronary disease)
Qing Pi (green-> immature tangerine peel) Bitter, Acrid/ Warm/ GB, Lv, St 1. BREAK UP Qi stagnation & spreads the Lv Qi(pms,tender breast,fibroid in the breast,hernia) 2. Dissipate clumps& transforms stagnation/ food stagnation(bloating, distention)3. Raises blood pressure(Hypotension)
Zhi Shi (immature fruit of bitter orange) Bitter,Acrid/Slightly Cold/LI,Sp,St 1.Breaks up Stagnated Qi 2.Enters LI,directs Qi dwnwad& unblocks the bowel(constipation, food stag.,dysentry)3.Trnsfrms phlegm& expels Pi syn/chest Bi syn/Jie Xiong syn.4.Organ prolapses & hypotension
Zhi Ke (ripe fruit of bitter orange) Bitter/ cool/ Sp, St 1. Same as Zhi Shi but milder in action: Break up Qi Stag., reduces accumulation, unbloks bowels&expels Pi syn) 2.Qi stagnation in the chest(angina, coronary heart disease)
Fo Shou(buddha hand-> mild, treat all three Jiaos!) Acrid,Bitter/Slighty Warm/Lv,Lu,St, Sp 1.Spreads & regulates Lv Qi/ Lv & St stagnation 2. Harmonizes St& strengthens Sp 3. transforms phlegm& extends the chest/ chronic coughing w copious sputum, stifling sensation&pain in the chest due to Lung qi Stag.
Da Fu Pi Acrid/ Slightly Warm/ LI, SI, SP, St(mid& lower Jiao)1.Promotes qi movement & reduces distention(epigastric&abdominal) due to Qi stagnation, dampness obstruction 2.Promotes urination, reduces (superficial) edema, ascites
Mu Xiang (wood fragrance) Acrid,Bitter/Warm/GB,LI,Sp,St/ 1. Sp,St stag. 2. Sp Qi-Xu (poor T&T->loss of appetite, oppression& fullness in the epigastrium and abdomen) 3.Relieve the pain of Damp-heat dysentery (abdominal pain, tenesmus, IBS, Crohn Disease)
Xiang Fu ACrid,Slightly Bitter, Sweet/ Neutral/ Lv, SJ 1. Promotes Qi movement & spreads Li Qi stagnation 2.Regulates menstruation & alleviates pain, PMS due to constrained Lv Qi(commonly used herb in gynecology)
Wu Yao (black-> goes to kidney) Acrid/ Warm/ UB,Kd,Lu,Sp 1. Promotes Qi movement, DISPERSE COLD (esp.,lower abdominal pain,cold pain) 2. WARMS the KIDNEY& disperse cold, lower ab.distention, hernial pain, painful mense due to cold, frequent urination, enuresis due to LJ deficient cold
Tan Xiang(Sandalwood) Acrid, Aromatic/ Warm/ Lu, Sp, St/ *Promotes Qi movement, Disperse cold, alleviates pain 1. Pain in the chest, epigastrium due to Qi stagnation 2. Chest Bi Syn due to cold coagulation & Qi stagnation 3. Coronoary heart disease, angina
Chuan Lian Zi Bitter,Cold/Slightly Toxic/ Lv,St,SI,UB 1.Spreads Lv,CLEARS HEAT,promotes Qi movement, alleviates pain/hypochondriac, epigastric,ab,hernial pain& dysmenorrhea due to constraint Lv Qi trnsfoming to fire&attacking 2. Kills parasites 3.Cures tinea infections
Xie Bai(wild garlic) Acrid, Bitter. Warm/ LI, Lu, St 1.Promotes Qi movement, unblocks Yang& chest Bi syn due to phlegm accumulation, chest Yang obstruction, or due to phlegm&blood stasis accumulation(stabbing pain& distention in the chest)2.Directs stag. downward/ dysentery
Chen Xiang(heavy-> descending herb) Acrid,Bitter, Aromatic/ Warm/ Kd, Sp, St 1. Promotes Qi movement& alleviates pain 2. WARMS the MID JIAO and DESCENDS REBELLION/ vomitting, hiccups due to St cold 3. Grasps Qi & calms wheezing, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema(due to Lu& Kd Xu cold)
What do citrus qi regulating herbs do other than Qi regulating? Damp drying & transform phlegm
Which ones more powerful, immature or mature citrus herb? immature ones
List 5 things that cause Qi stagnation Phlegm accumulation, damp accumulation, food stagnation, parasites, blood stagnation
Which herb is especially cold pain & lower abdominal pain and warms kidney? Wu Yao
Which herb has a contraindication of prolapse Qi deficiency? Chen Xiang (it's descending herb!)
Which Qi regulating herbs are good for coronary heart disease/ angina? ** Xie Bai(THE HERB!)**, Ju Pi, Zhi Shi, Zhi Ke, Tan Xiang
Which Qi regulating herbs should be added near the end? Mu Xiang, Chen Xiang, Tan Xiang, Ju Pi
Which Qi regulating herb is slightly toxic & shouldn't be used for long term? Chuan Lian Zi
Which Qi regulating herb treats both Liver Qi & Mid Jiao stagnation? Fo Shou
Mu Xiang is used raw for _________ and toasted(charred) for __________ Qi stagnation, diarrhea
Which Qi regulating herbs are for dysentery? Mu Xiang(due to damp-heat), Xie-Bai(due to damp-heat, dampness obstruction&Qi stagnation), Zhi Shi, Zhi Ke
Which Qi regulating herb reduces edema& ascites? Da Fu Pi
Which Qi regulating herbs are good for hypotension? Qing Pi, Zhi Shi, Zhi Ke
Which Qi regulating herbs have cool/cold property? Zhi Shi, Zhi Ke, Chuan Lian Zi
Which Qi regulating herbs enter LI& unblocks the bowel and expels Pi syndrome? Zhi Shi,
Which Qi regulating herb clear heat and also kills parasites? Chuan Lian Zi
Which Qi regulating herb warms the Mid Jiao & calms the wheezing& asthma? Chen Xiang
Which Qi regulating herbs are for organ prolapses such as gastroptosis, metroptosis and prolapse of anus? Zhi Shi, Zhi Ke
Which Qi regulating herbs are good for Qi rebellion(nausea, vomitting, hiccups) Ju Pi, Chen Xiang
Which Qi regulating herb treats frequent urination& enuresis due to LJ deficient cold? Wu Yao
Which Qi regulating herb is most effective in removing Sp& St stagnation? Mu Xiang
Which Qi regulating herbs BREAK UP the Qi stagnation(very strong) & have a contraindication of Qi deficiency? Qing Pi, Zhi Shi, Zhi Ke, Da Fu Pi
What is the symptoms of damp-phlegm pattern? Stifling sensation in the chest, coughing, copious, whitish, thick sputum
What is the contraindication of Ju Pi? Dry coughing due to Yin Xu or spitting blood due to heat
What's the name of aged tangerine peel that's used more commonly than Ju Pi? Chen Pi
What is the syn. due to phlegm-heat accumulation in the chest? Jie Xiong syn.
Which Qi regulating herbs can spread Liver Qi? Chuan Lian Zi, Xiang Fu, Qing Pi, Fo Shou
Which Qi regulating herb treat both Qi stagnation ADN Blood stagnation? Xiang Fu
Which Qi regulating herb disperse cold, alleviates pain and used for coronary heart disease? Tan Xiang
Which Qi regulating herb spreads Liver Qi, clear Liver heat and alleviates liver pain? Chuan Lian Zi
Which Qi regulating herb is the main herb for coronary heart disease and also directs stagnation downward and treats dysentery? Xie Bai
What is the symptom of the chest Bi syndrom due to phlegm and blood stasis? Stabbing pain and distention in the chest.
What is the symptom of the chest Bi syndrom due chest Yang obstruction? Pain and stifling sensation in the chest/ wheezing and coughing.
Which Qi regulating herb can be used for Sp Qi deficiency and damp heat dysentery/ tenesmus, IBS, crohns disease? Mu Xiang
What are the channel for Xiang Fu? Lv and SJ
Which Qi regulating herb strengthens Spleen, harmonizes Stomach and spreads Liver Qi? Fo Shou
Which Qi regulating herb strengthens Spleen, harmonizes Stomach and used for angina/coronary heart disease? Ju Pi
Created by: junskykim